5 Great Dance Workout Videos

May 27th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Dance Workout

Dance WorkoutWhether you’re looking for a new way to boost your energy or need a healthy outlet to shed some pounds, dancing is a great way to get your blood flowing and iron pumping! Check out the videos below to get a great workout and get your body moving to the music!


1. Cardio Hip-Hop 101 Workout

Cardio Hip-Hop 101 WorkoutThis 10-minute workout by Heather Gram shows off how the core plays a key part in dance performance. Every move a dancer makes must engage their abdominal muscles. This quick video will get your body moving as you shake like a dancer while getting a core workout that may be more effective than just simple sit-ups. This video is great for beginners looking to get a quick boost of cardio while centering on their core.


2. Full-Body Dance Workout

Full-Body Dance WorkoutThis video by Keaira LaShea shows audiences how the whole body and its muscles must be engaged and activated to ensure a stellar dance performance that is sure to burn some calories fast! This 13-minute video is another quick way to visualize how simple dance movements are executed while emphasizing the parts of the body to focus on and the benefits of continuous practice! The six moves showed in this video are great for those looking for simplicity that will show a direct effect on their body!


3. Zumba

ZUMBAZumba is a dance workout craze that has been spread worldwide encouraging individuals to get their bodies moving to the music. This fat burning workout consists of fast-paced music with fun movements that vary from fairly simple to increasingly difficult. The instructor of these workouts makes sure moves are easy enough to understand while explaining the effect each move has on a part of the body. The dance and high-intensity interval training in a 20 minute Zumba class combines dance with more common exercise movements like jumping, kicking, and squatting that is sure to turn anyone into a dance lover and exercise enthusiast.


4. Fitness Marshall X Matt Steffanina Dance Workout

Fitness Marshall X Matt Steffanina Dance WorkoutThis 3-minute hip-hop dance workout by two expert dancers may leave you wondering how such a short video could make such an impact on your body. Matt Steffanina and Fitness Marshal take common floor exercises and transform them into cardio dance moves that will leave audiences breathless! While these moves may be difficult for beginners, the exercises are sure to strengthen muscles and break a sweat in a short period of time. This video can be useful for more experienced dancers who are looking for a fast way to warm-up before a routine.


5. Intense Dance Workout with Danielle Peazer

Intense Dance Workout with Danielle PeazerFor those looking to open their eyes into the world of dance, this video is for you! Professional dancer, Danielle Peazer, hosts this seven-minute workout with intense dance moves that are designed to help build a dancer’s body. This full body, high intensity workout can be useful for those beginning a career in dance, but can also help those looking to tone and shape their body with a specific focus on both the core and legs.


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