7 Articles to Help You Slay Your Dance Goals

November 2nd, 2016 by Roy Patterson

starquest, starquest dance competition, starquest dance, dance competition

starquest, starquest dance competition, starquest dance, dance competition

November is a great time to check in and reassess your dance goals before doing a grand jeté into competition season. Whether that means committing to organizing your dance bag, stretching more outside of the studio, or even helping your team stay pumped up on the big day – here are a few articles from around the web to help you enhance your sparkle:


Working on your artistry? Check out 4 Ways to Enhance Your Dance Artistry This Season from Dance Informa.

starquest, starquest dance, starquest dance competition, dance competitionAre you and your team always looking for more top jams to help your energy flow before slaying on stage? Your Ultimate Pre Performance Pump Up Playlist from Jo+Jax has you covered.


Updating your dance resume for college or summer program auditions? Check out More Than Just Dancers’ Dance Education Tracker & Dance Resume Template.


Looking to cross-train and build core strength while also honing your focus? Check out DoYoYoga’s article with 5 yoga poses that are especially beneficial for dancers!


Haven’t cleaned out your dance bag in a while? Check out this handy guide frostarquest, starquest dance, starquest dance competition, dance competition, boys dance toom TutuTix – Dance Bag Essentials: What to Pack.


Working on your back flexibility? Check out How to Improve Back Flexibility from Dance Teacher Connect for some great ideas to build flexibility and strength this season.

Regardless of what your goals are – checking in on your goals is vital to making your dreams happen, and the only way to meet them is one step at a time! Check out 1% Dancer > 0% Dancer – How to Achieve Your Dance Goals One Percent At A Time by StarQuest’s Lead Producer Michael Ian Cedar on the official StarQuest blog.


What dance goals are you working towards before competition season begins?


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