8 Dance Podcasts To Plug Into

March 22nd, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Dance Podcasts

Dance PodcastsWhether you’re looking to gain more insight into dance history, learn more about a certain style, or just looking for something to pass the time, these dance podcasts will be perfect for you! Here are 8 dance podcasts that you can stream now.


1. Ballet & Dance Podcast

Ballet & Dance PodcastThis dance magazine translates their written content into spoken entertainment while providing listeners with exclusive interviews, reviews, and news about the ballet community and the art of dance performance in general. Similar to their magazine subscription, the group posts one podcast a month to keep subscribers up to date on the latest trends and news in the dance industry.


2. Tendus Under A Palm Tree – Conversations on Dance

Conversations On DanceEach episode of this Miami Beach based dance podcast brings listeners an inside look into the world of professional dancers. Centering on ballet training, techniques, choreography, and more, this group gives audiences direct access to the ballet world’s best and brightest with new posts every two weeks!


3. Pod De Deux Podcast

Pod De DeuxPod De Deux digs deep into the current issues of the dance community while also exposing trends and interests in the form of relaxed conversations with dancers and choreographers. Taking a more laid-back approach, this New York City based podcast involves guests from professional dancers to anyone with a strong connection to the dance world. With new content every month, this group keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest developments in the art of dance.


4. Sistahs That Dance Podcast

Sisters That DanceIf you’re interested in juicy dance gossip and current news about the latest break-through stars in the dance world, this US based podcast is for you! Taking on a more entertainment-based approach, this podcast is sure to satisfy guilty pleasures while bringing you the who’s-who in the dance world. With frequent posts and engagement from young dancers across the states, this podcast serves to entertain and engage those dazzled by the stardom factor of the dance art.


5. Pas De Chát: Talking Dance

Pas De ChatInterested in engaging with an expert dancer & choreographer? This is the podcast for you. Popular blogger and choreographer, Barry Kerollis, uses this weekly podcast to candidly share his own personal workings of the dance world as he continues to travel the globe teaching future students and creating ballets. Not only will you become invested into Kerollis’ story, but you will find yourself equally inspired to make an impact just like he has.


6. Meet Me At The Barre

Meet Me At The BarreThis Australian-based podcast encourages listeners to keep their imagination alive! Amber Petty’s ballet podcast goes behind the scenes of what makes a ballerina. They look at the music behind the dance to the struggles of recovering from an injury. Sharing stories from a world-class ballet company, Petty’s personal experiences on the stage are sure to open eyes to the nitty-gritty work that goes into becoming a true master of ballet.


7. Delving Into Dance

Delving Into DanceThis podcast serves as a platform that profiles the views of both choreographers and dancers through interviews and written content. This podcast serves as a form of reflection for most listeners as they can envision themselves in the shoes of those being interviewed. With detailed descriptions of experiences and practices, listeners gain a better understanding of themselves as dancers while also understanding the strong role the art plays into each individual’s life.


8. The Dance Podcast

The Dance PodcastFor anyone looking to turn their passions into a full-time profession, this is the perfect podcast. Inspired by big dreams and even bigger let downs, the candid conversations showcased in this podcast shine the spotlight onto some of North America’s most successful dancers and the struggles they pushed through to go pro. The series of interviews were designed to not only highlight these experienced dancers but to also have listeners make a connection to themselves and the professionals as they begin to pursue their own career in the industry.


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