Although we all are uniquely different, each of us has a gift that we can use to make this world a better place. The only way to nurture our talent is through practice and education. Yes, education is an expensive investment, but it is a step worth taking. The good news is that there are […]

Anne Fletcher Director

For our #WomanofInterest, we always try our best to highlight someone who is anything but one-note. Instead, we look to incredible women who have lived a whole symphony of different life experiences. Director and choreographer Anne Fletcher is a prime example of this well-rounded person. She originally saw herself as a dancer, but to her […]

Children grow up sitting in classrooms, restless, so wouldn’t it be better to put some of their excess energy into something beautiful? The National Dance Institute provides access to dance and the arts to all children. They don’t allow the child’s ability, background or economic status prevent them from fulfilling their full potential. Or from […]

Camille A Brown Dancer

You may recognize her from the covers of Dance Magazine, but this week’s #DancerDose is far more than just a dancer. Camille A. Brown uses the art of dance to change the world by uplifting, educating, and celebrating her audiences.   Early Life Camille A. Brown started her dance training as a child at The […]

New Blog Post

Every performer knows the dread of auditions. It’s no secret: auditioning can be a scary process! There is an undeniable pressure to be your best at the risk of losing out on an opportunity to perform. But auditions don’t have to be all doom and gloom! There are tactics you can use to make sure […]


Is your dream to attend a dance school to further your dance training? How about live and train in New York City, where there are opportunities around every corner? The Ailey School, a prestigious dance program, is offering a scholarship to help fund dancers’ dreams everywhere!   The Ailey School is located at The Joan […]


Passionate about dance and the environment? Then Global Water Dances, this weeks’ #DanceCharityOfTheWeek, is just for you! Launched in 2011, Global Water Dance (GWD) was formed with the intent of “dancing for safe water everywhere.”    According to the GWD website, today an estimated 5 million lose their lives every year globally, as as a direct […]

Woman Of Interest

You may recognize her as Whitley Gilbert from the hit show A Different World, but this week’s #WomanOfInterest is far more than just an actress. Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Jasmine Guy can do just about anything when it comes to working in the entertainment industry. She is an […]

Dancer Dose

Meet Corey Baker: an award-winning New Zealand dancer, choreographer, director and this week’s #DancerDose. A classically trained contemporary dancer, Baker is most known for his works involving the outdoors.       Early Life and Career Growing up in Christchurch, NZ, Baker discovered his love of the performing arts after stumbling upon a free show […]

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When you’re dancing, it’s easy to get stuck in a comfort zone. Sometimes you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, without too much room for change. Although repeating your pirouette to perfection can be beneficial, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. The best dancer is always reaching to try new […]