Be The Best Dancer That YOU Can Be

June 30th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

be the best

be the bestIf you’re in any kind of competitive atmosphere, it’s going to feel natural to compare yourself to others. In most cases, it is not beneficial for you to compare yourself to another dancer, so here are some helpful tips on what you can do to help yourself be your best, without the pressures of becoming “as good as” someone else.


What To Remember!

1) Keep in mind that everyone is different! You will never be anyone other than yourself, and that is a wonderful Dance Competitionthing. You may not be a world famous ballerina (yet), but that’s ok, because you’re YOU, and that’s amazing! Everyone has their own journey to follow, their own path that led them to where they are, and all those pathways are different. If you follow your own path, you won’t come out a version of someone else at the end: you’ll be the best version of yourself.


2) Make yourself your own competition. It’s amazing to set goals for yourself to reach, but those goals don’t have to be in accordance with anyone else but yourself. Maybe your turnout could use some work, then your goal is to improve the turnout as much as you can, only comparing yourself with the progress you have made (not the progress that someone else has made).


Dance Competition3) Remind yourself what makes you amazing! If you’re caught up in thinking that someone else is better than you at something, then you’ve forgotten the things that make you great! It is so important to recognize the things that you are good at. Sure, no one is perfect and we all have a few flaws, but we also have many things that make us each unique and special! Let’s say you can’t quite get that triple pirouette down, but you can leap like a pro; it’s always important to focus on the positive.


4) Remember that no one is perfect. It’s awesome to have talented people to look up to, but everyone makes mistakes now and again. If you think there’s a dancer out there who’s got everything figured out andcouldn’t never improve on anything, think again! Perfection doesn’t exist. You can always improve, and that’s a beautiful thing! Never stop working to better yourself, but always keep in mind that the end goal is to be the best that YOU can be, not an impossible standard.


The next time you’re feeling down about yourself always remember that everyone has to start from somewhere. Even the best dancers in the world had to overcome many struggles and learn from their mistakes. Keep focusing on yourself instead of looking to others as a metric of success. If you work at it, you can be your best self before you know it!

Be The Best Dancer




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