Become An Instagram Dance Sensation

May 11th, 2020 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

InstagramYou’ve probably seen famous dancers all over Instagram and think “I can do that!” Well, here are five tips on how you can become the next Instagram dance star!


1. Edit your pictures so they are fun and cohesive.

There are some great apps that are FREE that you can use. One of our favorites is the Lightroom app, which you can use to brighten up any pictures or adjust the light so you really shine. The app “BeFunky” is also free and has great frames and fun stickers you can layer over your pictures to make them stand out!


Social Media2. Post videos of your best tricks.

Videos are a fun way to show-off what you can do. Record yourself working on a back handspring, or rehearsing a dance in the studio. You could even post a video of you killing it at StarQuest! Dance fans love to see these insane moves or inspiring dances. Showcase what you got!


3. Use fun hashtags to make yourself stick out.

To help make yourself a fun “brand”, come up with hashtags that fit your personality. For example, you could post a video of yourself doing fun flips every Friday and hashtag #FlippingFriday. People will want to check-in every Friday to see your cool flips! These hashtags will make other people find your videos and pics and help you gain followers as well!


4. Be relatable to other dancers who are learning like you

social mediaPost videos of you making mistakes and how to fix them. Dancers will love seeing the mistakes that they make and how they can do better. They will feel like they are not alone! You will be an inspiration for up and coming performers. Use it wisely!


5. Interact with other dancers

If you know someone else who is an inspiring dancer, connect with them! Collaborate with them to help connect with their followers who you already know are interested in work like yours! Plus, you get to make friends!


It’s always fun to use social media to show off your dancing skills! If you use these tips, your social media will sky-rocket! However, these tips can only take you so far. The most important thing we want you to know is to: Be Yourself!