Long Dance Career

Want to remain a dancer for as long as possible? Here are some tips from prominent veteran professional performers of the dance community. Strengthening your Weaknesses Every dancer has a weakness—nobody’s perfect. As such, in order to withstand a long career as a dancer, you must work to counteract your weaknesses. For example, National Ballet […]

Hanya Holm

Hanya Holm is known as being one of the “Big Four” founders of American modern dance. A dancer, choreographer, and educator, Holm’s influence on the dance industry remains present today as her work is practiced in dance classrooms across the country.   Her Own Unique Style Born on March 3rd 1983, Holm was instantly drawn […]

Wayne Lamb

A dancer, choreographer, theatre director and professor of dance, Michael “Wayne” Lamb had always held a passion for dance despite a lack of initial interest in the art. Lamb’s change of heart and transition into the arts tells the tale of the way art can be used to heal, educate, and empower all.   An […]

Your Brain

How do you feel when you watch someone dance, or when you yourself dance? And why, when watching a dance performance in a room full of complete strangers, are we able to lose ourselves within the movements, feeling more connected to those around us and on stage than to the outside world? Many of the answers […]

New Year's Revolutions

As teachers and studio owners, what can we do to make the most of our holiday break to recharge and reinvigorate ourselves? It’s time to set yourself up for success in the coming year and create your resolutions. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do as a teacher and/or studio owner.   Reduce, Reuse […]

Jack Cole

Jack Cole, commonly referred to as “The Father of Theatrical Jazz Dance” was known for making waves in the modern dance community. His impact on the industry not only paved the way for other jazz dancers, but also those pursuing any and every facet of art that may not follow the typical norm.   Using […]

Social Media

The best way to stay up to date with your dance family is through social media. Let’s check-in with Elizabeth, and the Social Media team and learn more about how they pull it all off!   What does the Social Media Team do? We strive to connect with our dance family every day through our […]

New Career

How can dancing lead to your success in a new career outside the performance world? Here’s some insider tips on what skills dancing can provide for those seeking a career outside of dance.   Auditioning and Sales Auditioning holds the ability to sharpen many of the skills found necessary in a sales position. Not only do […]

Rachel Brice

Known for her influence on the belly dancing community with her incorporation of Tribal Fusion Style, Rachel Brice has solidified her status as a contemporary performer while opening the world’s eyes to the art of belly dance. An owner of her own studio, Brice is dedicated to helping others find solace on stage while creating […]

Thiago Soares

Thiago Soares wasn’t always as in love with ballet as he is today, but he found that he could surprise himself while trying something new.  This international citizen of the world turned heads with each new stage he conquered, and earned his place as a ballerino extraordinaire.   Picture Perfect Thiago was raised in the […]