Celebrating the Fail at Dance Competitions

February 23rd, 2016 by Roy Patterson

Celebrating the Fail
Celebrating the Fail
The other day I came to the realization that I have logged somewhere around 35,000 hours in the dance competition world. In that time I have seen an array of emotions.

If there is a reason that someone would cry, I’ve seen it while being onsite at a dance competition.

Some people cry because they are unhappy, some because they are overjoyed, others because they are scared, still more because they are in physical pain…some cry because they are proud, some because they are happy, some because they are loved…

There are SO many reasons for tears to fall.

Now…at a competition there is only one first place winner, right?
Well, I guess that is in the eye of the individual.

On a literal level, yes, there is only one first place announced on stage; however, the individual dancers and their dance tribes get to define success. They have the opportunity to define what a win is. They get to ask the questions that lead to determining the type of tears that fall.

We have heard it over and over, again and again: You have to fail to succeed.

So, whether you are one of the dancers at a competition, or an artist creating a career, or an engineer trying to solve a problem, you will not always win first place; you will not succeed every time and the higher you try to reach, the more times you may encounter defeat.

So…don’t you think it’s time that as a culture we start to celebrate the fail?

When you debrief, when you journal, when you do an evaluation, celebrate the fail(s)!

You get what you focus on, right?

Please focus on growth in all areas: the wins, the losses, and the journey.

Celebrate the fail!

1) When have you failed so much it devastated you?
2) Where was the win in that fail?

Michael Ian Cedar is the Lead Producer at StarQuest
This blog was originally posted on Michael’s blog www.TheLegacyOfYou.com