Check Yo’self! Growing From Your Competition Experience

May 18th, 2016 by Roy Patterson

Dancers striking a pose during their routine

Dancers striking a pose during their routine

With one month to go before the end of the dance season, it feels like a great time to check in and really reflect on what you’ve accomplished this year. I know many people, including myself, can only see the failures. So what’s the trick to positive and constructive self-reflection?

Here is my guide for self-reflection:

  1. Schedule time in your calendar to complete a full self-reflection. We only accomplish what we make time for, so be sure to make this a priority in your busy schedule. Self-reflection is a wonderful tool for creating the best version of you and I promise you won’t regret the time you spend on this.
  2. Set up a quiet, peaceful space and grab your journal and any of my worksheets that you’ve completed. I truly believe that the more peaceful your space, the easier it is to focus on YOU. Leave the distractions in another room and only bring in items that will help you see your progress over the last few months.
  3. Make a list of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished over the past few months. What are you most proud of? How does it make you feel? Jot it all down in your journal. Bask in your greatness and give yourself a high five. Give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished.
  4. Make a list of anything you still want to accomplish. Take a moment here to reflect on why you haven’t already accomplished these visions. Do you need more accountability? Are you fearful of failing? Get really honest with yourself and write down everything that you need to do to make these items on your list happen.
  5. Write out your new vision. We are all works in progress and are constantly changing, which is such a wonderful thing! How boring would life be if we did the same mundane tasks every day? Now is the perfect opportunity to take your vision to the next level.
  6. Create your game plan. Now that you’ve got your vision, write out your next steps. Get an accountability partner if you need an extra push. Write out a mantra that reminds you to be great every day. Rinse and repeat till you’re flying high with success.

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Catherine2Catherine Mancuso – @AriesInFlight

Catherine Mancuso is a dancer/choreographer turned dance career coach. As founder of Aries In Flight, it is her mission to empower dancers to show up as their best selves every day and create the life of their dreams. Visit her at