Conquer Your Stage Fright In 10 Easy Steps

February 1st, 2020 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Stage Fright

Stage FrightYou want to be the best you can be when getting on stage, but sometimes stage fright can hold you back. Here are 10 tips from Janet Esposito, MSW, quoted from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, you can use to help overcome your fear:




10 Tips

  1. Shift the focus from yourself and your fear to your true purpose- contributing something of value to your audience.
  2. Stop scaring yourself with thoughts about what might go wrong. Instead, focus your attention on thoughts and images that are calming and reassuring.
  3. Refuse to think thoughts that create self-doubt and low confidence.
  4. Practice ways to calm and relax your mind and body, such as deep breathing, relaxation exercises, yoga, and meditation.
  5. Exercise, eat well, and practice other healthful lifestyle habits. Try to limit caffeine and sugar as much as possible.Dance
  6. Visualize your success: Always focus on your strength and ability to handle challenging situations.
  7. Prepare your material in advance.
  8. Make connections with your audience: Smile and greet people, thinking of them as friends rather than enemies.
  9. Stand or sit in a self-assured, confident posture. Remain warm and open and make eye contact.
  10. Give up trying to be perfect and know that it is OK to make mistakes. Be natural, be yourself.


No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s dancing or not you want to always be the best you can be!


Alyssa Denton is a writer for StarQuest. She loves Disney, iced lattes, and French Fries!