Appreciating The Positive Dance Behavior

December 4th, 2015 by Roy Patterson

Dance Competition Principals With Dr. Marcie Beigel

There’s Plenty of Good: Appreciating the Positive Behavior

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During the Thanksgiving season everyone is chatting about what it means to be grateful. Are you, like me, so bored with it that you tune it out?


There’s a different side of the “g” concept that no one barely notices. Let’s talk about appreciation!


Appreciation, according to Google, is defined as: “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.” And that is exactly what I’m going to encourage you to cultivate with your small or medium being.


As dance parents, you’re constantly encouraging your children to reach the next goal. There are always areas marked for improvement and there is always a more difficult combination that your child is asked to execute. That reality can be motivating and inspiring, but can quickly take your small being off the rails if that is the sole focus.


Acknowledging the positive accomplishments indicates to your child that her positive work is leading to improvement. This builds confidence. For example, if she has been struggling to get the timing just right for a dance, remind her of another dance when she hit every beat.


This is how you teach your child to work hard and continue to grow.


Appreciate the small successes and the current strengths, while having goals to work towards.

This will keep dance an overall exciting experience for your child.


To win dance competitions your child needs dedication. While he may naturally be passionate about dancing, it will remain a passion when it is reinforced.


So, point out that they did a beautiful turn. Notice when his jump had just the right lift. Or appreciate how hard he is working overall throughout his dance class. This will inspire him to strive for the same enthusiasm from you for his next goal.


By appreciating where they currently are, not only are you reinforcing your child’s strengths, but it also gives them resilience to keep working hard at their weaknesses. They will take that mindset from the dance studio and into their life.


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Dance Competition Principals With Dr. Marcie Beigel


Dr. Marcie is a behavioral therapist based in Brooklyn. She has worked with thousands of families over 15 years and has condensed her observations into her practice and programs.