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July 29th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

AmyMarie Gaertner

AmyMarie GaertnerOur #DancerDose this week stumbled into a career as a dancer and it took her by surprise. One day, after posting a video of her dancing to a Justin Timberlake song, Amymarie Gaertner awoke to 20,000 new followers on Vine. Without ever taking a single dance class, Amymarie had a natural talent that made her into the major internet star she is today.




Amymarie was born in a small town in Ohio without any dreams of being a professional dancer. Even though she grew up in a musical family and was surrounded by music and dance, her love for dance was never anything more than a hobby. One of her biggest inspirations growing up was pop legend Michael Jackson. To this day, the king of pop is still her biggest idol.

She has fond memories of moonwalking on her kitchen tile floors at only four years old. She was hugely influenced by the dancers she surrounded herself with. Her dance inspiration came from dance movies, music videos, pop stars, YouTubers, and street performers. Much of Amymarie’s time was spent listening to music and allowing it to move her; this allowed her to grow into the freestyle dancer she is today. Her talents as a freestyle dancer took her to her high school stage in talent shows and eventually to big and small screens all over the world.


Basement to Stage

Many people out there can relate to Amymarie dancing in her basement, moving whatever way the music inspired her to. It was during these personal moments that the world began to recognize her talent. She started sharing videos of her performances on Youtube and Vine, simply for friends and family, nothing more. Her vines were full of her lovable pets, the adorable girl she babysat, and of course, dance videos. One day, she released a vine of her dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” in her basement. The next day she woke up to 20,000 new followers on Vine. She immediately realized she was given an opportunity she never thought she would have: to make a name for herself as a dancer. Amymarie continued to post dance videos and in just one month, she was looking at over one million followers on Vine.


Freestyle Friday

DanceCompetition From this point on, Amymarie’s life would change forever. She continued to post freestyle videos in her basement, but this time to a much larger audience. She starting creating weekly “Freestyle Friday” videos, which her followers were eager to reblog every single week. Even after gaining such a huge following, Amymarie claims to never think about what will get the views. She strictly does whatever she thinks she will enjoy doing! In a way, dance remained a hobby for her. But this time it was a hobby that she would share with the world. Even with all the places her natural dance ability has taken her, Amymarie has never considered herself famous. She is truly an everyday girl who loves to dance in her basement. An everyday girl with 4.2 million Vine followers and half a million Youtube subscribers.

Her following would take her to amazing new places. She was given the opportunity to dance at the House of Blues as a backup dancer. A year later she returned as a solo dancer. She has also had the wonderful opportunity to act, starring in the YouTube Red series, Dance Camp, and the web series Guidance. Some of her most mind-blowing experiences include meeting Channing Tatum at a dance gala, taking over the Dancing with the Stars snapchat in 2015, and traveling the world to dance around the globe.

To this day, her favorite vine is a compilation of clips of her moonwalking through many different places all over the world. She says this vine encompasses the two things she enjoys the most: dancing and traveling. Through all of her experiences, Amymarie has remained grateful and humble, taking every opportunity possible to reach out to her fans and thank them for their support.


Be Yourself


Throughout all the pressures she received as such a large internet persona, she has remained true to herself. Her best advice to anyone who is looking to become a social media influencer is: “Simply be yourself. It’s easy to fall into trends but it’s important to not turn into an imitation of others. Being yourself is the most unique you can be.” And that’s exactly what Amymarie does. She brings her own spontaneous uniqueness into each of her videos with a freestyle that’s all her own. She also finds time to dedicate herself to some of her other favorite pastimes, like playing with her dog, Honey, exploring nature, doing yoga, and even occasionally singing!

Throughout all of her many hobbies, she is able to infuse a positive attitude into everything she does. This is what makes her life so full, not the followers or the opportunities she’s been given. But the positive attitude she has dedicated herself to through all the struggles and internet trolls that have come along. That positivity, along with her raw talent and gratitude, is what makes Amymarie Gaertner a perfect #DancerDose to look up to.


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