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July 15th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Kyndall Harris

Kyndall HarrisThis week’s #DancerDose is self-described as a “beauty and a beast.” At only fifteen years old, she has amassed more than twenty-thousand YouTube subscribers. She has graced TV screens everywhere, and appeared on stages all over the world alongside Janet Jackson. Her name is Kyndall Harris, and she’s rocking the world of hip-hop dance!


Raised In Memphis

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Kyndall was raised in Memphis, Tennessee with three sisters and a brother. She began dancing at the age of six just for fun with family and friends. She didn’t know then that her hobby would take her to places she could only dream of. Her new passion led her to start dancing for the Memphis NBS junior team, the Grizzlies. Kyndall’s parents immediately knew that she wasn’t like other kids; her talent was unmistakable. That’s why, with full confidence, Kyndall’s parents decided to pack up and move the family to Los Angeles so Kyndall could pursue her dreams. They took a gamble to leave their hometown behind, but they knew they were making the right choice.


Off to LA

Soon after moving to LA, Kyndall was dancing with the LA dance troupe Lil Beasts (headed by major hip-hop choreographer, WilldaBeast Adams). She also started taking classes at Millennium Dance Complex, where she met Canadian dancer Taylor Hatala. Working hard to make a splash in the dance world, Kyndall started putting dance videos up on YouTube. And she began to accumulate a following. Kyndall’s ultimate goal was to go on tour, so when she heard that Janet Jackson was holding auditions for her Unbreakable World Tour, she jumped at the opportunity! Kyndall’s life would change forever when she was cast in the tour, alongside her BFF Taylor. The two became the tour’s youngest dancers by far.


At just twelve years old, Kyndall prepared to travel the world beside female icon Janet Jackson. Her mom quit her job to become her manager and travel the world with her while her father held down the fort with the rest of her siblings at home. With the support of her family, Kyndall shined her superstar around the world. She undertook the massive 111 show tour, traveling to North America, Asia, and Europe. Beginning to overcome her self-described shyness, she continued her YouTube endeavors by creating a vlog of her travels around the world.



Kyndall and Taylor were given the name KYNTAY by Miss Janet Jackson herself, and the dynamic duo began to pursue their own projects. The two taught their own dance classes to multiple cities they visited in the tour, appeared on the TV show “World of Dance,” as well as MTV’s TRL (Total Request Live). The two also came back to Janet for her “State of The World Tour.” On her own, Kyndall made appearances on Nickelodeon’s “Lip Sync Battle Shorties”, “America’s Got Talent”, and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.


Kyndall has a #DancerDose of talent, precision, fierceness, but most of all, humility. Through all of her success she has managed to always remain grateful. Kyndall has made her dreams come true through hard work and the support of her family. But she still has many more goals to accomplish: she dreams of building on her acting and modeling career (and of course, performing with Beyoncé). Most of all, she strives to make a positive impact on the world. You’re already making a positive impact on our lives, Kyndall, so keep up the amazing work! You can subscribe to Kyndall’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC04U3nR3SJuQ33uo-5_-qpQ/featured and check out her Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kyndallharris/ !



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