New Year’s Dancerlutions

January 4th, 2016 by Roy Patterson

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016! Every New Year, people around the world make a list of things that they plan on achieving for the year. I am sure you’ve discovered by now that your StarQuest Family is obsessed with you being the best version of you. To set the tone for the year, I would like to encourage you to incorporate these six “dancerlutions” into your New Year’s resolution list for 2016.


  1. I will practice celebrating my teammates when they reach their dance goals.
  2. Every time I miss a step, I will remind myself of all the steps I made prior to missing it.
  3. I will always remember that my biggest competitor is the person I see in the mirror every day.
  4. I will have fun.
  5. I will never let a trophy define me.
  6. I will define my success by my progress.


Let’s call this year “The Best Version of Me!” Take this year by storm!