Expanding Your Dance Boundaries

September 30th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

When you’re dancing, it’s easy to get stuck in a comfort zone. Sometimes you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, without too much room for change. Although repeating your pirouette to perfection can be beneficial, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. The best dancer is always reaching to try new things in order to keep growing and improving. But what do you do when you’re not sure how to move forward as a dancer? The key to growth is expanding your boundaries, and there are several simple ways you can go about doing that.


To Infinity and Beyond


This first step to challenging yourself to go beyond what you think you can do,is acknowledging what you can improve on. No one is perfect, even the most seemingly put-together of dancers. Take note of what could use a little bit of work and (here’s the key part) put work into it! Use some of the spare time that you use to binge Netflix and see if you could perfect your problem spots. Even if you feel like you’ve mastered everything, chances are there’s something you can have a fun time improving. The world record for the most consecutive pirouettes is fifty-five! Think about all the extra work that took! That’s an incredible bit of motivation for anyone who wants to improve something they’re already good at.


If you find you’re unsure of what you need to practice, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher! Your teacher could give you several exercises to do at home and improve on over time. Many teachers will also be willing to work with you after class to help you become the best dancer that you can be. When it comes to growing as a dancer, your dance teacher is your best friend. They’re there to help! Sometimes in order to see yourself in a different way, you need an outside perspective on your progress. Your teacher can encourage you to try new things.


Try Something New

Speaking of trying new things, another way to broaden your range is to try some new dance styles. Many people study in several different dance styles, but there’s not many people if any at all out there who’ve tried everything. If you’re a ballet dancer, try Irish step dance, or if you’re a hip-hop dancer, try dipping your toe into ice dancing. Many times, a different style of dance can be used to improve on the dance that you already know. For example, if you’re trying to be the best contemporary dancer you can be, maybe some African dance training can help you perform your contemporary pieces in a different way. It’s always beneficial to be well-rounded in the dance world, so why not try something new?


After you’ve tried out a new style of dance, you can bring outside influences into your regular dance. This can make it easier to give a different spin on whatever kind of dancing you’re familiar with. Even if you’re not learning a completely new style, you can still put your own personal spin on your dance moves. What better way to improve on what you know than putting a little dash of something uniquely you into the mix? Maybe you could even make a whole new dance step yourself! If you get creative, you can make the newest dance craze yourself; dream big!


If you really push yourself to go out of your box and leave your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised the places you can go. If you encourage yourself to expand what you think you can do, one day you’ll look back and be proud of how far you come. The same logic applies to anything you do in life, challenging yourself to try new things is the key to improving in any field! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and open your mind to a great wide world of dancing possibilities!


Aran Abilock is a writer for StarQuest. He loves mac and cheese, theatre, and all things Pokémon!