Galveston 2019 World Finals Recap

June 25th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh


GALVESTONThis past week, we kicked off our 2019 World Finals in the beautiful coastal town of Galveston, Texas. The event was full of friends, memories, and of course, dance! As we move on to our next event, we look back at the countless moments that took our breath away.


Starting Us Off Strong

On Monday, we started off with our littlest and cutest dancers, the petite and juniors! GalvestonWe were blown away by their perseverance and passion as they performed their solos. Both of our stages were full of young performers dancing their hearts out! Our youngest dancers weren’t the only ones to grace the stage, however. The Seniors had their chance to show the judges what they were bringing to the table in both their duet/trios and their solos. The day flew by as everyone settled in for the week ahead.


Our Youngest Groups

GalvestonOn Tuesday, while the Teens and Seniors continued nailing their solos in Hall B, Hall A was gearing up for some groups.  Our Petites and Juniors were all warmed up from Monday’s solo action and were ready to put their teamwork to the test. We started the morning with our Petite Small Groups. From Ballet to Tap, over 60 groups rocked the house. After the Petites had their turn, the Juniors took the stage to perform their select small group routines. We ended the day with more solos as the Select Juniors closed us out. The excitement throughout the day was contagious as dance families reunited for the week.


Day Full Of Fun And Dance

GalvestonWe had a full day scheduled for Wednesday! In Hall B, the Teens continued to show the Judges what they had to offer as the Nova and Classic Teen Solos took the stage. The Teen Duet/Trios did not disappoint either.  In Hall A, the Petites and Juniors were back to give it their all in more group competition. Not only were the large groups exciting to watch, but we had 7 Lines and 3 Mega-Lines bringing the house down! We had so much fun watching everyone band together to really bring their best to the stage. However, the excitement didn’t end there!

After the regular schedule came to the end, we had our always-amazing Elite 8 Dance-Off! These soloists were chosen to compete against each other for our illustrious title awards. We are so proud of these dancers for dancing so passionately and leaving it all on the stage. After the Elite 8 Dance-off, we traded in our dance shoes for Hawaiian shirts as we headed to Club StarQuest, the most exciting Pizza Party on the planet! We danced the night away with our dance family and made memories that will last forever.


Our Oldest Groups

GalvestonAfter partying at Club StarQuest on Wednesday night, our Petites and Juniors had the day off on Thursday. Instead, the Teens and Seniors came ready to show us how awesome their groups were. The whole day was jam-packed full of all of our Teen/Senior Groups. By the end of the day, we couldn’t wait to head into our Dance-Offs and see these groups re-compete!


Classic Dance-Off

Friday morning, we ended our regular competition with our Petite and Teen Duet/Trios. Not only was it the last of our regular competition, but we also had our last master classes of the week. Our judges were blown away by the dancers who attended our classes. What stood out was how a lot of dancers were reaching out of their comfort zones and trying harder classes or new styles that they have never done before.

FridayAs we headed into our Classic Dance-Off, we couldn’t help but feel giddy about what was in store. The number of studios and the amount of talent that were being showcased in our dance-off was unbelievable. These dancers brought their all to Galveston and did not disappoint. The Classic Dance-Off went off without a hitch and we went to bed feeling honored for being allowed to help these dancers showcase their passion.


Quest For The Best

GalvestonOn Saturday, as we prepped for Quest For The Best, we couldn’t help but notice how special the week was. The amount of comradery that the dancers felt towards each other was palpable. Dancers built friendships outside of their own studios and made memories everywhere they went. Not only that, but the talent that we witnessed was unbelievable! These dancers not only know how to dance, but they are passionate and are full of bright futures. Quest For The Best truly ended the week on a high note. At the end, as the confetti fell from the sky, the stage was full of friendship, love, and joy. The confetti may have been cleaned and the trucks packed, but the memories will be there forever.


Elizabeth Radabaugh is the StarQuest Social Media Assistant. She loves everything Disney and delicious.