How Dance Affects Relationships

February 25th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

How Dance Affects Relationships

How Dance Affects RelationshipsWith many dances, love is a strong theme whether it be heartbreak or the fulfillment of a relationship. While the dancers themselves may not be involved romantically, dancing can be used as an outlet to express important topics in relationships. Whether you’re looking to make up with an old friend or become closer to a partner, here are 4 ways that dance can affect your relationship.


Learning Together

Learning Together When beginning a dance lesson with a partner, you are forced to learn something together, putting you both on an even playing field. Learning something alongside your partner allows you to be more mindful of how they may be feeling. You may both become frustrated by not picking up on moves or become overjoyed when performing a move just right! Your sense of awareness is increased, and you begin to become more empathetic toward your partner. This may also lead you to become more aware of their feelings outside the dancefloor. While learning this skill together, you are not only teaching each other about dance but you are also allowing your partner a closer look at your emotions and which actions spark certain feelings.


Improved Coordination

Improved CoordinationDancing with another person requires a large amount of coordination as the two of you are supposed to be moving as one. In order to ensure that the moves are made effectively and efficiently, communication is key. When rehearsing the choreography, it is important to recognize where your partner stands to ensure that all moves are made in the right way without any worry of messing up or getting hurt. By actively communicating with your partner and expressing concerns or opinions on what they may be doing well or wrong, this allows for more honesty and more open communication as you move forward personally.


Increased Closeness

Increased ClosenessWhen dancing with a partner, there is a certain level of closeness the duo must maintain, but the closeness goes beyond being physical. It is important the be mentally close with your partner as well. We already know that being more aware of your partner’s emotions can bring the two of you closer, but when dancers begin to gain comfort from being physically and mentally close with their partner, their movements become more in sync. By sharing the same mentality, the movements will reflect the connection of the relationship and will begin to exude that on the dancefloor. This will also allow for your partner to feel more connected to you in all aspects of life.


Spend More Time Together

ImproveAs you and your partner begin to dance with one another, you are obligated to spend more time with the individual. By doing so, you again become more aware of the personal aspects of your partner that may not be immediately present in your current relationship. This allows for more opportunities for the two of you to become closer while also picking up on one another’s strengths and weaknesses. This leads to an overall better understanding and perhaps even a greater willingness to spend more time with your partner.


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