How To Be A Triple Threat

October 5th, 2018 by Richie Kormos

triple threat

triple threatIf you want to pursue a career in musical theatre, check out this blog! We are going to go over the best way to ensure that you maximize your chances of becoming a triple threat and making your mark in the musical theatre world!


Take Lessons

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “triple threat,” it means being a strong dancer, actor, and singer. Because a lot of what makes up of being a triple threat is the acting and singing, you have to make sure you take singing and acting lessons if they aren’t your strong suit. Many dance studios offer private voice lessons. If your studio isn’t one of those, there are private companies that provide vocal lessons for beginners to those more advanced.

triple threatYou can learn what vocal part you are, and how to fine-tune your singing skills to be a competitive singer. If you can’t find acting lessons, there are workshops, or you can audition for your local community theater to get yourself immersed in the acting world.


Keep Dancing

Being a dancer, you already have a leg up! Most musical theatre dreamers are performers who are double threats. They have heavily focused on singing and acting their whole lives and will have a more difficult time catching up to the dancers.
There are so many dance-heavy shows on Broadway right now (Carousel, Mean Girls, Hello, Dolly!, Lion King, etc.), and those who aren’t strong dancers will have a tougher time getting cast in those productions. Keep up with your dancing, expand into more styles, know you’re already further along than you think!


Triple ThreatStand Out

Dancers have worked hard to gain special tricks and talents that cause for them to stand apart on the competition stage. It’s time to utilize them again. You need to find a way to best showcase your talents. Go to dancer call auditions, show everyone what you got! If they want to see you improvise, pick moves that match the show. For example, Carousel has a ballet sequence, show them your triple pirouette. If it’s Mean Girls, throw in a backflip! Try to choose a move that fits their dance style but will make you stand out among hundreds of auditionees.


Build Your Resume

triple threatOnce you’ve worked on these “treats,” it’s time to create a competitive and robust resume. Don’t forget to put your dance, vocal, and acting training in the resume! Add in a section with special skills and add in all of those crazy dance tricks you’ve been practicing. Make sure to add anything else casting directors should know (skateboarding, fluent in another language, accents, etc.).


We can’t wait to see more StarQuest dancers on Broadway stages or in National Tours. Having a strong dance background opens many (stage) doors for you, take advantage of ALL of them!


Alyssa Denton is a writer for StarQuest. She loves Disney, iced lattes, and French Fries!