How To Dance For Yourself

August 30th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

How To Dance For Yourself

How To Dance For YourselfDance comes from a passion to express yourself through movement. However, many people lose sight of why they started dancing in the first place. It is important to always remember to dance for yourself without worrying what others think. Here are a few ways to help you dance for YOU.


Dance Competition DanceYour First Dance Memory

Never forget why you started dancing. Remember your earliest memories of dancing. What was the reason you started? Were you someone who loved to move, did you have a passion for music, or was it a kind of artistic fulfillment that you felt from dancing? Whatever the reason, think of those first memories of dance. If you can remember your best dancing moments, you can recreate that same sense of carelessness and joy you originally felt. If you find that you no longer have positive feelings towards your dancing, don’t give up right away. There can be a way to reclaim the love you once had. You can take back all of that fun for yourself!


Think of You

Instead of thinking of anyone else when you dance, dance for yourself. Rather than thinking about the expectations of others, think about what you enjoy most about whatever you’re performing in. If you bring your unique self into every dance, it’ll automatically be more enjoyable.

There are many forms of dance that will allow you to put your own twist on some choreography. If you get this opportunity, take it! Have the courage to bring out your true self through dance. You may find that it can be a cathartic thing to do! Try taking the time to dance a silly dance in your room alone. The phrase: “dance like no one is watching” can be applied to serious dancers too! If you can dance like no one is watching, you can dance at your best. While you’re letting go and allowing your body to be free, you might even make some cool new discoveries along the way!


Don’t Worry About The Expectations

Be Yourself Dance CompetitionOne reason why people may lose the sense of dancing for themselves is that they feel overwhelmed by other people’s expectations of their dancing. Sometimes the ones we care for can be a little hard on us because they want us to be at our best. But if you feel a teacher is pushing you a little too hard, or that your parents want to make sure you come home with a gold medal, dancing can lose the sense of fun it once had.

It’s not a bad thing for someone to want you be the best dancer you can be, but if you always feel like you’re dancing to meet someone else’s expectations, dancing can become a little bit stressful. At the end of the day, remind yourself that it’s you you’re dancing for, not anyone else. Sometimes, the expectations of others aren’t quite as extreme as you thought they were. In short, one of the most important ways you can dance for yourself, is to let go of what you think of other’s expectations when they get you down.


Set Your Own Goals

People can be pressuring you right and left to be the best that you can be. But at the end of the day it’s important to remember that you should dance to your own standards. One useful way to not get bogged down on other’s expectations is to set your own goals, independent of what anyone else thinks. If you set your own goals and strive to achieve them, you won’t have the added stress of trying to impress someone else. The only person you should be trying to outdo is yourself. And if you don’t quite feel like you’ve reached the expectation you’ve set, don’t be hard on yourself! Always remember that dancing should be fun! You can make a game out of reaching your own goals. If you pay attention to yourself rather than others, you’ll ultimately end up happier.


Dance For Yourself Dance CompetitionBeing Yourself Is Key

Everyone has a special part of them that only they can bring to the dance floor. When it comes to dance, being yourself is the key to being the best dancer you can be. It’s not a bad thing to let others guide you on the way through your dance journey, but you don’t have to let that give you stress. If dancing isn’t as fun as it once was, don’t feel defeated. There are ways you can change your attitude and keep your passion thriving. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be happier with your dancing in no time!



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