How To Build A Dance Network You Can Rely On

February 12th, 2018 by Richie Kormos

Team Player


Being a dancer can feel like a solo journey. Interestingly enough, you could never do it alone without the help of parents, teachers, and other supportive dancers. We all need help to be the best version of ourselves, and being a dancer is not exempt from that fact. The stronger the dance community you have, which includes peers, teachers, and mentors, the better off you’ll be. How do you build a network that will build you up to be your best? The best way is to be supportive to everyone who works with you.


Be a Team PlayerTeam Player

Your friends and peers may overlap or they may not. It is totally fine to get along with your dance peers, but spend some, most, or all of your social time with your non-dancer friends. Never feel pressured to be friends with anyone, as friendships develop naturally if you let them. The important thing is to make sure you have a good working relationship with other dancers.


Learn From Your Teachers

Dance instructors are not just there to teach you dance moves, they also give you vital insight into how to navigate — emotionally, mentally and psychologically — the complex world of dancing. You might take class with an instructor once, or you might have them for several years. However long you work with a teacher, truly consider the different lessons that they are teaching you. Teachers remember the students who fully invested in their class.


Spread Love Not Attitude

Spread LoveWhen you interact with anyone in the dance world it is vital to be a team player and avoid a reputation as a diva. No one wants to work with divas. People remember the dancers with attitudes and not in a positive way. You may think that a particular person doesn’t matter to your career, but people in the arts often stay in the arts and five, ten years into the future that person may be in a position to give you a job. Also, throwing attitude around creates a negative environment in the present, which makes dance class and competitions less fun.


To build a strong community, you need to provide the same high level of support and enthusiasm that you wish to receive. You can’t build a dance career on your own, so there’s no need to try. We are all here to support each other!



Dr. Marcie

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