How To Stay Positive Regardless of Dance Competition Results

May 3rd, 2016 by Roy Patterson

dancers upside down, dance competition, lyrical dance, starquest dance competition

dancers upside down, dance competition, lyrical dance, starquest dance competition

The dance competition season is coming to a close. Did your dancer win? Did your dancer lose?

Overall, how do they feel about the performances? No matter what, it’s all a learning experience!
But not everyone feels the same.

Let’s pick the dance team that came in second place at a competition. The team is thrilled about winning second. They see it as an accomplishment and take it on as fuel to practice even more to come back next year and win first.

Conversely, another team comes in second and is devastated that they lost. They are heartbroken that they did not come in first and angry with the judges for missing their true talent.

Which team would you rather that your student is a part of?

It’s all about perspective! You can help your dancer have the perspective that each experience is a chance to learn or you can blame others for your dancer when they don’t win. The choice is up to you, but your child will live their life based on the model you create for them in your own perspective on their experience.

The way your child treats dance competitions is the way that they will conduct themselves elsewhere in their life. My suggestion is to teach your child to view everything as a chance to grow and learn, so that they will continue to grow and learn throughout life.

Every success and every failure of this season is an opportunity to grow. Take on that perspective and everything is a win.

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Dance Competition Principals With Dr. Marcie BeigelDr. Marcie is a behavioral specialist based in Brooklyn. She has worked with thousands offamilies over 15 years and has condensed her observations into her practice and programs.