Judges’ Corner – How to Avoid Burnout at Dance Competitions

February 22nd, 2017 by Roy Patterson

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Between last minute rehearsals, packing for comp day, and the excitement of making new friends (and reconnecting with old ones, too) – dance competition weekends can be exhausting! For this month’s Judges’ Corner – we asked two of our StarQuest judges for some tips on how to stay energized all competition weekend long!
starquest, starquest dance, starquest dance competition, dance competition, dance comp

What are your favorite tricks for keeping dancers energized and alert on competition weekends?

starquest, starquest dance competition, starquest, dance competition, dance compOn a long competition weekend, I have found a well executed warm-up before each round of dancing for the day can be super beneficial to dancers. If at all possible, do a full ballet barre. It seems to help re-energize the body and get the correct muscles engaged and working not to mention almost creates a moment of meditation.starquest, starquest dance, starquest dance competition, dance competition, dance comp It gives you a chance to focus on yourself and not what is going on around you. Aside from that, eating healthy, consistent, snacks and meals, drinking a ton of water and getting the correct amount of sleep to the best of your ability helps so much as well. And remember to stay calm. It’s about YOUR experience. Don’t stress or fret and only take everything that happens on a competition weekend as a new learning experience. – Lauren Ashley



On dance competition weekends, what do you do to keep your energy level up while adjudicating routines?

StarQuest Dance Competition judge Jodie PointsBelieve it or not, I don’t drink coffee!  I love unsweetened black tea, and I know how important taking the time to eat good meals, snacks, and drink LOTS of water is to keeping my energy up.  Long competition weekends can take a toll on your body, so it’s important to get up and move around every chance you can – especially before taking the stage.  As a judge, I also remind myself of how hard each and every dancer, choreographer, and teacher work all year for that opportunity to present their work in front of us. I know that each piece is important whether it’s the first or last dance we see in a weekend – and I use that excitement to keep me focused on your entries throughout the competition. – Jodie Points

Post-Blog Workshop

  1. Take an inventory of how your body felt during your last competition. Notice if you became tired, and make a list of what you did to stay energized.
  2. Plan three ways you will fight fatigue at your next competition and share it with your dance family!

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