Competition Kindness Ambassadors Wanted!

April 24th, 2015 by Roy Patterson

The Competition Kindness Award

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Competition Kindness is an initiative started by StarQuest to encourage dancers, studio owners, teachers, and parents to add value to the experience of others who may not be a part of their studio or their team while at competition. The ability to be kind and supportive to someone who shares the same passion as you is something that helps us all grow and be better people, not only at competitions, but also in life.


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The white ribbon is the symbol of kindness.  We encourage those who are actively participating in being kind on site to wear a white ribbon at their competitions. This is not JUST encouraged at StarQuest, but at any competition you may be attending. Participants can tie the ribbon around their dance bags or arms, tie them in their hair or pin them to their jackets to show that they support the cause and are involved.




Each week StarQuest challenges dancers, studio owners, and parents to participate in a kind activity that has been dubbed the “Competition Kindness Weekend Challenge.” The challenge will encourage dancers to do something with or for another dancer from another studio. Together, dancers will be asked to take a photo or video of their completed challenges and post it to our Instagram and Facebook pages with the Hashtags #CompKindness & #StarQuestDance. Studios are also encouraged to come up with their own challenges as well.




Your StarQuest onsite staff will keep an eye and ear out for kind activities happening during the weekend. StarQuest staff members will nominate dancers and entire studios to receive the Competition Kindness award. The Competition Kindness awards will be presented on stage throughout the event. Recipients of the award will be decorated with a medal at specified award ceremonies and will also get shout outs on our social media platforms! There will be multiple awards presented weekly, as the focus of this initiative is to promote finding new opportunities to be kind and not winning an award for being kind.