Making A Dance Costume Magic

October 19th, 2018 by Richie Kormos

dance costume

dance costumeReceiving your dance costume is one of the most exciting parts of working on your dance routine. You get to see the sparkle for the first time and can’t wait to try it on! But, sometimes a dance costume isn’t always a magical fit. You have to make sure that it makes and not breaks your dance.


Practice Comes First

dance costumeWhen you hit the stage for the first time in your costume, you certainly shine. But if you haven’t been practicing in your costume, it can be difficult. Whether your dress is a simple leotard or a multi-piece puzzle, it’s essential to practice your dance in it. Some dance moves, like the splits, may be impossible in your new costume due to lack of mobility. You may need to make changes to your dance or your costume. If you can tweak things before you get on stage, it takes away any stress and allows you to perform at your best!


Add or Subtract

dance costumeOnce you’ve sorted out whether the costume fits, you have to weigh whether or not it meets the vision of the dance. It may even be distracting the audience from your performance. If the costume is covered head to toe in sequins and sparkles, and the dance is a slow lyrical, that can distract the audience instead of adding to the experience of the dance. This same costume may be best for a jazz or musical theater piece where it makes the dance unique and stick out. We want your costumes to help the dance come to life and showcase the story that you are trying to tell. You do not want to leave the audience confused as to why a specific costume was worn, or only remember the costume and not the dancer.


YOU Are Important

dance costumeDespite these points, the most important aspect of a costume is whether or not it makes YOU feel good. No matter how detailed or minimalist your costume is, if it makes you feel like an absolute queen, then that’s perfect. Dance is one of the most expressive arts. It’s essential for you to express yourself in a way that makes you feel the absolute best you can feel.


No matter what, you’re a star. A costume can help you feel like the star that you truly are. Everyone is looking at you, and how beautifully you are dancing, not what you’re wearing!


Alyssa Denton is a writer for StarQuest. She loves Disney, iced lattes, and French Fries!