Movement Talent Agency At StarQuest 2015

December 15th, 2014 by Roy Patterson


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The Movement Talent Agency has signed on as the official Talent Agency for StarQuest during the 2015 Dance Competition season. The commercial dance and concert dance focused talent agency, boasts a select client list of the world’s most sought after directors, dancers, choreographers and dance educators. Their client list includes Emmy Award Winning choreographers, Bonnie Story and AC Ciulla, Tony Award winning choreographer and director, Chet Walker, Grammy Award winning choreographer, Anthony Thomas, Emmy nominated choreographer, Glenn Packard, Award winning dancers, Greg Chapkis and Jon Bond and many other notable dancers and dance educators around the world.

Jim Keith, President, says:

The Movement Talent Agency is proud to be a creative partner with one of the dance industry’s leading competitions, StarQuest. Their commitment to customer service and excellence is what sets them apart and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing talent they will be showcasing in 2015!“

StarQuest’s The Elite 8 Title award winners’ videos will be submitted to The Movement Talent Agency representatives each week. MTA will invite a minimum of one dancer from each regional event to interview for agency representation. A staff favorite will also be announced weekly on their social media platforms.

Michael Ian Cedar, Lead Producer of StarQuest, speaks on this partnership:

“Most dancers at StarQuest choose to use dance as a form of expression, a way to build community, and a channel for personal growth. Only a small percent of our dancers actually choose to pursue dance as a career. For those who wish to take dance a step further, this relationship with MTA is fantastic. MTA will be a great source in providing our dancers, parents, and teachers with insight into the professional dance world and how others have used their craft to create a well-rounded life that includes the arts. I’m excited to see what this relationship does for the industry and I am excited that they are just as excited to partner with us as well!” 

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View the PDF Version of the release now. MTA and StarQuest Partner 2015

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