Dance and the Power of Reflection

February 19th, 2018 by Richie Kormos

Jess Grippo

By: Jess Grippo


In the dance world, just like the regular world, it can be so easy to only focus on what’s coming next: the next technical goal, the next competition, the next challenge of any kind. We are part of a culture that values progress, forward motion, improvement, and achievement – which are all fantastic, but there’s one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten:


Power Of ReflectionTaking time for pause and reflection is super important and valuable AND it may even help you reach your goals more easily. Pausing to look back at where you’ve been and checking in with how you’re feeling along the way, all can give you powerful insight into the best way to move forward.


Why? Because your feelings give you clues to what works best, to make sure you’re keeping in alignment with what’s true for you, and to learn from past mistakes or challenges.


Inventory Your Experiences

In my personal experience, taking an inventory at the end of any dance season or performance run has helped shape the future iterations of my work. It’s when I’ve rushed into things or didn’t take time out to reflect that I ended up feeling burnt out and frustrated.


A couple of years ago, I produced and directed 3 different shows in the span of a few months. After each show, I took the time to sit down with my team and review what had happened, celebrating what went great and clarifying what we’d want to do differently so that we could make necessary adjustments. I’m happy to report that the third show was the most successful and had the highest ticket sales of all the shows I had done for YEARS before it! That’s the power of reflection.


So back to you –

Imagine what could shift for you as a dancer if you took the time out to look at where you’ve been – and get clear about where you want to go next.


Questions You Can Use

Here are a few questions to help you reflect on the progress you’ve made this season. Feel free to to journal on them on your own, or discuss with your classmates or dance teacher:


  • What am I most proud of? What would I like to celebrate at this point in my dance career?
  • Where do I want to keep working or make improvements?
  • How do I feel about my dancing now, versus 6 months ago? a year ago? 5 years ago?
  • What am I most grateful for about this process?


So please feel free to share your takeaways in the comments on the StarQuest Facebook Page, and let us know your top celebration!


Jess GrippoJess Grippo is passionate about guiding people towards creating a dance life that is healthy, fulfilling, and unique. She’s an award-winning dancer, writer, TEDx speaker, and creativity coach. You can learn more about her at