Put Your Stage Fright In The Spotlight

May 6th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Stage Fright

Stage FrightStage fright comes from a person’s attempt to resist and fight anxiety instead of embracing and working with it! If you’re ready to focus on your fright and put it in its place, take a look at these tips to help guide your focus and work with your fear!


Take A Breath!

When it comes to any form of performance whether it’s acting, singing, or dancing, it is essential to remember to breathe! By taking the time to slow down and focus on your breathing, you will focus more on the smaller physical attributes that bring clarity rather than the weight of what you are about to perform. Breathing diaphragmatically or deep breathing is done by contracting the diaphragm or the muscle near your belly. During this deep breathing exercise, air enters the lungs and the chest stays stagnant as the belly expands. Focusing on this form of breathing allows for your heart rate to slow and your mind to become clearer as you recognize that your fear is there, but you still have control of how it affects your body.


Dream Big But Stay Small!

Stage FrightSometimes it can help to remind yourself that while you may be in the spotlight, the world is not watching. Remember that the audience is not in the theater to see you as a person, but they are here for your performance! By removing your personal self and thoughts from the performance and centering your thoughts on the art itself, you will quickly feel less criticized and find a boost in your self-confidence as you shift perspective! Make the performance about your talent, not about YOU.


Embrace The Anxiety!

If you can expect and accept the fact that you will be dealing with nerves, it will take away some of the shock value of stage fright! Prepare yourself for feelings of nervousness and condition your mind to understand that despite feeling scared you are capable of maintaining a solid performance. Allow yourself to work with the anxiety instead of fighting against it!


Turn Anxiety Into Passion!

Stage FrightAll of the stress and worry that you’ve accumulated leading up to this performance should be channeled into passion and emotion for your artistic expression! Instead of suppressing the anxiety, transform your nerves into love and desire and it will show through your performance as an emotional experience instead of a bout of fright!


Practice Makes Progress!

The more you practice and attempt to perfect your performance, the less likely you are to worry about how well you will do when you get on stage! Focus on the highs and lows of your performance to ensure that you feel solid enough to take the stage! Believe in yourself, believe in your craft, and take charge of your art to reduce the risk of anxiety!


Casey Eggers is a writer for StarQuest. She loves coffee, music, and running long distance.