Shoot for the Stars – How to Aim to be the Best YOU Can Be!

November 16th, 2016 by Roy Patterson

starquest dance competition

starquest dance competition

As a performer, and as a person, it can be easy to say you WANT to be the best version of yourself – but what steps are you actively taking to make that happen? Try these nine easy strategies to assure your dance goals are met and you’re letting the best YOU shine through!

Set Your Goals. By putting your goals down in writing, you’re putting them into action mode rather than simply using your words. Break your goals down step by step, so you have building blocks that will then serve as a stepping stone to the bigger picture – the larger goals that you have in mind. Remember, nothing happens overnight. It’s the day-to-day training that you put in that sets the landscape for you achieving your goals and delivering in the crucial moments, when you want it the most.starquest dance competition

Teamwork makes the dream work. Hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals with your parents, and dance teachers, so they can keep tabs with you on your progress throughout your training. Weekly check-ins are a good baseline to plan with them. I also can’t stress enough how important it is being on the same page with your team. They are your support, they are your biggest fans, and they are behind you 100%. They can serve as the reminder for when you’re on track, but they can also help get you over hurdles or road blocks that you may encounter along the way. Dance teammates can also be great motivators to help encourage and push you when having a rough day or dealing with any kind of adversity.

Hard work is everything. Expect to get out of something what you put in.  You put in 100%, you can hope to get that 100% back in the final return. Trust in the training you put in – and that with the right mental and physical approach, you will achieve your desired results.

starquest dance competitionNever stop learning. Those that reach their potential always strive to learn more from each and every situation. We’re always learning, always evolving as people. It’s how we grow and improve every step of the way that tells the fortune of our future.  So be a sponge, and soak up as much knowledge as you can. The saying is knowledge is power, but I believe when you take that power and turn it into an action-oriented mode, that’s when anything is truly possible.

Picture yourself being what you dream you can be. Visualize where you want to be and who you want to be. You need to put yourself into those shoes and believe you can be the person you dream of. By seeing yourself in that position, you are painting that picture and setting yourself up for success.

Attitude is paramount. A positive attitude goes a long way and really can greatly impact your outcome.

How you conduct yourself is of the utmost importance. You never know who might be watching, so always conduct yourself with class, dignity, and grace. Respect yourself, your friends and competitors, AND dance. This is your livelihood, and it should be respected as such.

starquest dance competition
Be yourself.
Every person is uniquely different. It’s important to know what makes you stand out, and you want to let that personality shine through. Take that, add your heart and soul, and your work ethic to the mix, and let the rest take care of itself!

The moment. Always be ready. When the opportunities arise, remember to stay with your breath, be in the present moment, and trust in the training. This enables you to take your moves one step at a time, not looking ahead and not falling behind. When you do this coupled with the training you put in prior, you’re setting yourself up to be at your best in your biggest moments of all. And there’s no greater feeling than stepping up and performing your best when all is on the line.

Post-Blog Workshop

Make a list of one dance goal you want to work towards this competition season. Write out how you’re going to achieve it, set a calendar reminder to check in on your goal, and then get to work!

Parker Pennington is a former dancer and a U.S. National Champion at 4 levels (Figure Skating). He is the Founder/ Executive Producer of Skate Dance Dream Show Productions, and the Skate Dance Dream Dance Intensive Tour.