Social Media As A Way To Succeed

April 20th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

social media

social mediaAs the social community continues to grow each day, platforms like Instagram and YouTube have become an important tool for dancers and other performers to share their craft. Dancers are now able to zoom in on their goals from the palm of their hand as their passions are placed in front of millions of people with the click of a button. Here are 3 ways social media can help bring your passion for dance into the spotlight.


New Styles

Social MediaSocial media sites are always filled with new and updated content on a daily and even hourly basis. With people constantly posting, the platform can be used as an outlet for dancers to become aware of new styles and new choreography that they wouldn’t have ordinarily seen in their daily life outside of the social network. Dance challenges have become increasingly popular as of late and the moves have been spread from site to site reaching dancers on an international level. This allows for dancers on the site to learn new styles and different forms of choreography that are outside of their ordinary cultural sphere. It also allows them to broaden their cultural horizons while embracing a part of a different social circle’s life and traditions. The exposure to new styles granted by social media allows for dancers to become stronger in their technique and movement while also being more culturally aware and inclusive of other groups that they wouldn’t have been in contact with had the platform not existed.


New Opportunities

Social mediaAlong with the ability to find a connection with new individuals and groups on social media, dancers on social platforms are also more aware of performance opportunities. Many studios and productions tend to post advertisements and job opportunities on social media sites as they reach a larger audience. This allows for dancers to seek out new experiences in order to gain more professional work. It also gives them the ability to connect with glorified individuals in the dance community that can help advance their career. One important factor to consider when looking for career opportunities on a social media platform is that your presence online affects your ability to secure a job. With this new opportunity comes great responsibility to ensure that your social platform serves as an accurate portrayal of who you are as a person and that your profile can be utilized as a portfolio for your work. If you have a strong social presence, you may be much more likely to find a job through these platforms!


Exposure & Feedback

Social MediaMillions of people are logging onto social media sites every day. Dancers can utilize this by using their social profiles to gain exposure in the dance community. By sharing their work, dancers are able to reach a large group of people that could even include other professionals in the industry! All it takes is a click of a button for the right person to find your profile and increase your chances of professional success! Along with this, social media allows for dancers to receive more feedback than ever before. Though there are some dangers in the unfiltered comments that linger on social media profiles, the sites can also be used to receive insightful constructive criticism. Other dancers now get the opportunity to watch and comment on your work while providing you with advice that you otherwise would not have received! While approaching a larger audience, your moves will be in the social spotlight just waiting for the right opportunity to come clicking on your page!


Casey Eggers is a writer for StarQuest. She loves coffee, music, and running long distance.