#DanceCharityOfTheWeek: Soul Dancers – Giving Life, Love, and Dance

February 21st, 2018 by Richie Kormos

Dance Charity Dance Competition

StarQuest Dace Charity Of The WeekThe ability to practice dance is amazing for everyone who gets the chance to do it. You get to advance as a dancer, but also learn some incredible life lessons. This includes: how to work well in a team, how to work hard, and how to express yourself. Dance in all its forms can be so beneficial to someone’s life. But, unfortunately, not everyone in the world has the opportunity to practice something so magical. There are so many people out there who have the soul of a dancer, but not the opportunity to discover their passion. Luckily, there are also many organizations that are committed to bringing dance to people. Especially those who do not have easy access to dance classes. One of those organizations is our #DanceCharityOfTheWeek : Soul Dancers.

StarQuest Charity: Soul Dancers


Soul Dancers is a charity that is dedicated to providing “a nourishing meal, 30 minutes of basic English language training, and one hour of fun, instruction dance” to impoverished children in need. This charity is dedicated to keeping children healthy, thriving, and passionate. They also work to employ women in need to run the programs, providing them with a job and valuable life skills.


Global Impact

StarQuest Dance Charity: Soul DancersSoul Dancers works with children all over the globe. One such place is Medellín, Colombia, where they help the children of La Posada de Moisés, a foundation that assists children in situations of forced displacement. These children live at the foundation every day except for the last Sunday of the month when they spend time with their mother or caretaker. The foundation provides the children with shelter, clothing, food, education, and most importantly, love. Soul Dancers is able to give them all an extra little bit of love by providing them with dance classes every week. These are the kinds of children you would be helping by supporting Soul Dancers.


How You Can Help

By donating to the organization, here is exactly what you can provide these children with to succeed and be their best selves:

1 person contributing $15.00/month pays for a 1 hour dance or English lesson.

1 person contributing $30.00/month will feed 5 children a healthy meal, including protein.

10 people contributing $15.00/month will provide a young woman with a sustainable monthly income.

If you are interested in making a difference to for passionate young dancers, visit Soul Dancer’s website at: http://www.souldancers.org/. Always remember, every person deserves to dance, no matter their circumstance.

StarQuest Dance Charity: Soul Dancers Give the Gift


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