#SQBehindTheScenes – The Bookings Team

October 15th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh


BookingsOne of the first steps when planning a dance competition is finding the perfect venue! Kayla and Jenn from our Bookings Team are the masterminds behind securing amazing locations for our dancers to perform. Join us as they tell us more about it!


What does the Bookings Team do?

Generally, the Bookings Team is responsible for a variety of aspects that span the past, present, and future. We tie up loose ends from past cities, prep for the present cities, and proactively schedule for the future.


How many venues across the country do you work with during year?

BookingsWe work with about 74 national venues each year. Our job requires us to vet, negotiate, and create contracts with each location. A big part of our job is maintaining a strict budget between our venue, event, and production expenses.


What are some tasks that you take care of on a day-to-day basis?

Some of our daily tasks include researching new venues, discussing options with venue bookings departments, reviewing contracts. During the competition season, we also take care of the technical preparation for events.


Why is your position so important?

If we don’t do our jobs correctly, our dancers won’t have a safe place to perform! We strive the find the most ideal venue on the best date possible for you!


BookingsHow does your job affect a dancer’s experience on-site at one of our competitions?

We want the competition to feel like a home away from home. We want their experience on site to be enhanced by the venue so their main focus can be on enjoying their time, and not worrying about where to park or finding the dressing rooms.


What makes StarQuest unique?

We are focused on the overall experience of our guests. We discuss the fine details with each venue, down to what type of healthy snack options they have to offer and what the temperature of the room should be.


What do you love about working for StarQuest?

StarQuestThe people! We work with some amazing people day to day. During the season, we get to interact with venues, studios, and dancers.


What do you wish the dancers and studios knew about the Bookings Team?

We are always looking for feedback on what could make their venue experience better! Is there a preferred venue? A preferred date? Send it our way!


What is your favorite song to dance to?

Well, Jenn loves to dance to every song on the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack. Kayla honestly just can’t sit still if a song has a good beat. 🙂


Elizabeth Radabaugh is the StarQuest Social Media Production Assistant. She loves everything Disney and delicious.


Are you interested in working at StarQuest?

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please email jobs@starquestdance.com for access to our job descriptions.