#SQBehindTheScenes – The Merchandise Team!

August 30th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh


merchandiseStarQuest is not just made up of the staff you see on-site at our competitions. We have a full team who devotes their lives to making sure that your experience truly is the real award. Introducing our #SQBehindTheScenes blog, where we take you behind the scenes to see who is behind each and every StarQuest experience. To start us off, meet Kensey Marcotte, the head of our Merchandise Team.


What is your position and what does your department do?

I am the Ancillary Sales Manager and my team is in charge of all the souvenirs purchased at the events! Our tasks include designing products, organizing the warehouse, preparing the products for the road, managing inventory, running our online shop, and tracking sales. The list can really go on and on!


How does your job differ in the Off-Season versus the On-Season?

MerchandiseThe off-season is all preparation and getting things ready for the road. A lot of research, strategy, and data insights occur during this time. On-season is maintaining everything we’ve put into place and supporting the road staff. We are constantly making changes in order to provide the best service possible.


Why is your department so important to the dancer and their StarQuest experience?

We create the tangible link between the dancer and the show. Minutes, days, months, or years after they’ve been to a StarQuest event, they can pick up that tour shirt and be taken back to the wonderful memories they made at the event. It makes the experience last longer than just a weekend. With that being said, the mobile boutique is another enhancement to the show. It’s another place to make a memory, bond with a Road Warrior, and purchase some merch that you love and will wear multiple times. It’s just another facet to the whole package that is StarQuest.


What do you wish the dancers and studios knew about your team?

MerchandiseThat we’re here to add some magic to your competition experience and we want to create items that you will treasure forever. We offer trendy branded items that are undeniably StarQuest. Everything we have is unique and curated for the dancer’s needs. We want you to take a little piece of StarQuest home with you.


What is your favorite song to dance to?

My favorite song to dance to…….this is hard! I think my current favorite dance jam is Bounce Back by Little Mix!


Next time you attend a StarQuest event, you can visit the mobile boutique and see how every single t-shirt, hair bow, and even dance charm was hand-picked by our fabulous merchandise team! They work hard to ensure you get to take your StarQuest experience with you for years to come.


Elizabeth Radabaugh is the StarQuest Social Media Production Assistant. She loves everything Disney and delicious.


Are you interested in working at StarQuest?

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please email experience@starquestdance.com for access to our job descriptions.