#SQBehindTheScenes – The Office Production Team

November 15th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh


StarQuestThere’s a lot of equipment that goes into putting on an amazing dance competition. When we need our equipment in tip-top shape, we turn to Matt and our incredible Office Production Team! Let’s take a look closer into what they do.


What does the office production team generally do?

We take care of all of the equipment that goes on the road. If anything needs fixing, cleaning, testing, updating, or replacing, we’re your people! We also manage organizing the warehouse. When everything is organized and in its own home, there’s no assuming we don’t have something. All you have to do now, is look!


ProductionWhy is your position so important when planning and during a new season?

If we don’t check the equipment thoroughly in the off-season, we run into a lot of issues once the season kicks off. It can cause issues as early as training. Something as simple as labeling a cable. If we haven’t labeled something correctly, it can throw off the way someone is trained. They won’t know what they’re looking for! If we do all of the prep and organization that is required before we start the season, it sets everyone off on the right foot to have an amazing year!


What do you love about working for StarQuest?

I know that when I leave the building, not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment, but I know the work I have done will look exactly the same when I come back the next day. And there are people here Productionwho share the same feeling that “oh man, everything is exactly where it should be and Matt tells me where something is, it’s there!”


How does your job affect a dancer’s experience on-site at one of our competitions?

If I don’t correctly prep equipment or I don’t send the correct equipment out during the season, we run the risk of affecting our dancer’s experience. If I don’t test a cable because I assume it looks fine, then we run the risk of that cable going bad at sound, causing a sound issue during a dance, or it not working at the media center, causing the dancer to not be able to see her dance she just performed. If we do our due diligence behind the scenes, the dancers and road warriors on-site are set up for success!


ProductionWhat do you wish the dancers and studios knew about your position?

How hard we work. And how much time, effort, care, fun, and collaboration, we put in to making our equipment the best so that all they have to worry about is their performance.


What is your favorite song to dance to?

Play That Funky Music. Can’t stand the song, but I have some horrifically fun disco moves!


Are you interested in working at StarQuest?

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please email jobs@starquestdance.com for access to our job descriptions.


Elizabeth Radabaugh is the StarQuest Social Media Production Assistant. She loves everything Disney and delicious.