Stocking Stuffers Perfect For Your Dancer’s Dance Bag

December 14th, 2018 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking StuffersChristmas is just around the corner. Do you have a dancer that needs some stocking stuffers? Here is a list of on-the-go dance items perfect to fill your dancer’s stocking this year!


No. 1 StarQuest DanceKit

StarQuest Dance KitThis DanceKit has everything from bobby pins, hairspray, clear nail polish, and lipstick to emergency items such as band-aids and safety pins. It is indeed a “dancer’s emergency kit.” The 42 bobby pins in your dancer’s hair aren’t enough to hold that perfect bun? Did they trip on the Marley and need a band-aid? This DanceKit will take care of all their needs! Not to mention the cute #StarQuestDance themed shimmery colors! Head on to our store to check out this glittery and magical kit!


No. 2 PocketBac Mini Hand Sanitizers (Bath and Body Works)

PocketBac Hand SanitizersThe last thing a dancer needs is to be sick on their way to the performance of a lifetime. These cute little hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works are the perfect addition to any dance bag. They are only $1.75 a bottle and most times have a 6 for 5 deal going on! They are petite and cute and have a variety of designs and fragrances you can choose from! Check out their website or a store near you to choose a bottle (or few) that’s perfect for your dancer!


No. 3 Secret Freshie Deodorant on the go

SecretThis tiny on-the-go deodorant from Secret is just what any dancer needs to refrain from letting that sweaty body radiate its potential terror of B.O. With its cute egg-shaped design you can barely even tell it’s deodorant and it fits right into that inner pocket of your favorite dance bag. It comes in Secret’s most favored smell- the “Luxe Lavender” and can be used with other Secret Fresh Deodorants for a more fresh experience!


No. 4 Pillows For Pointes Crushed Rock Rosin

Rock RosinThis travel-size tube rosin is 100% here for your dancer, ensuring slippery-free situations. It has a safety-screw on top so rest assured, there will not be any rocky catastrophes in their dance bag. Discount Dance can fulfill all your portable Rosin needs so make sure to head on to their website!


No. 5 Bloch Stretch Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit

Bloch Stretch Pointe Shoe Ribbon KitAnother pointe dancer must-have! This professional kit provides your dancer with everything they need to make sure their pointe shoe is up-to-snuff! It includes a stretch ribbon, covert elastic, needle and thread for stitching. You can purchase one of these kits at dance product suppliers such as Discount Dance or Dance Wear Corner!


No. 6 Omega Trek Mix (Trader Joe’s)

Trail MixLast but most definitely not least, A HEALTHY SNACK! Your dancer can’t go on the road without a healthy snack in your bag! Trader Joe’s has a number of amazing trek mixes, but the Omega Trek Mix in particular has the nuts, seeds, and dried fruits that are perfect for a dancer’s diet and is only $4.99!! It comes in little packets so your dancer can have a healthy snack buddy right in the inner pocket of their dance bag!


Juna Shai is a writer for StarQuest. She’s from Tokyo, and loves coffee, coffee, theatre, and coffee!