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Dance is a collaborative art. As such, part of being the best dancer you can be is being the best collaborator you can be! Sharing your passion with a fellow dancer or a group of fellow dancers is an amazing way to have fun with friends while creating some grade-a art at the same time. […]


Every performer dreams of attending school at Juilliard in New York City. The almost guaranteed success in the performance world makes their program one of the most competitive programs in not just the United States but the World. To help out prospective students, Juilliard is offering a Summer Dance Intensive to sculpt young dancers.  And […]

Judith Jamison

For this week, we’ve got a national dance icon as our #WomanofInterest. Judith Jamison is a dancer, choreographer, and artistic director that has a remarkable resume. She brings heart and soul into all of her work, and has been an undeniable prodigy from a young age. As long time artistic director of the legendary Alvin […]


Edward Everett Hale once said, “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” What a powerful quote. Dance gives us the opportunity to make a difference in people lives. It has […]

Justin Lynch

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional dancer and a full-time lawyer? In this week’s #DancerDose, you’ll find out. Justin Lynch, a full-time lawyer and professional dancer living in New York City, is nothing short of extraordinary. Though Lynch didn’t even begin to think about dancing until he started studying to be a […]

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When you move, you feel good; it’s common knowledge. And everyone knows dancing is good for you and has positive effects on our physical wellbeing. But how about our mental health? Can dance improve our mental wellbeing?      In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, this week we’ll look into  the positive correlation between […]


Choosing a college is anything but easy. There are just so many out there to pick! And if you plan to study dance, the process can be even harder than that of the average college shopper. Auditioning for schools is a daunting process. You have to put yourself out there for so many people, and […]

Woman of Interest

Girls everywhere have grown up with an unrealistic beauty standard. They are told they have to look a certain way, act a certain way, and eat certain foods so that they can be considered beautiful. Magazines, Barbie dolls, and clothing companies have helped feed the fire by only featuring models who fit those “ideal beauty” […]

This week’s #DanceCharityOfTheWeek focuses on dance education. We enjoy this art form not only because of the freedom and joy it gives to us. But because it has helped create lasting friendships and introduce us to inspiring people. All that we know about dance comes from a teacher who loves dance so much that they […]

Alex Wong

Dancing powerhouse Alex Wong is no stranger to falling and getting back up again. Although he’s suffered two potentially career-ending injuries, he’s never let his hurdles keep him from doing what he loves. This #DancerDose dancer has explored all sides of the dance world. From being a principle dancer in dance companies, competing on television, […]