One 2018 Regionals performance was chosen to represent each state of the United States in the StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. Competition! During the past 14 weeks, three states competed against each other on Facebook and Instagram to be StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. Week Winner. On November 5- November 18th, all of the Viral Video U.S. Week […]

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Amalia Hernandez

A strong woman does not let anyone get in the way of her dreams. That’s at least true for this week’s #WomanOfInterest, Amalia Hernandez! Not only did she follow her love of Mexican culture, she was one of the biggest influencers in creating the bridge between Mexico and the U.S. She is an inspirational woman […]

Brian Friedman

It’s impressive when a dancer makes a strong career for themselves. Well, our #DancerDose of the week started his career at just eleven years old! Check out the inspirational story of star dancer and choreographer, Brian Friedman.   A Studio Owner By Sixteen Brian is originally from the Chicago area and grew up in a […]


What’s one thing that’s as important (or possibly more?) as stretching and staying warm in a dance class? HYDRATION. That’s right. In this week’s blog we’re going to share with you a carefully selected list of cool water bottles, gadgets, and apps that will help remind you to #drinkwater and #stayhydrated!   1. Hidrate Spark […]

Morgan Parker

Our #WomanOfInterest not only has a way for words but uses them to empower young black women across the country. Morgan Parker’s poetry and literature empower females to break through the glass ceiling.   West Coast to East Coast Morgan Parker spent her childhood in Southern California with a firefighter as a father and an […]

Jon Rua

“ARE YA READY KIDS?!?!” Our #DancerDose of the week, Jon Rua, CAN’T HEAR YOU from all the way in Bikini Bottom. This Broadway dancer has a career that would knock the square pants off of Spongebob any day!   Who is Jon Rua? An Actor. Singer. Dancer. Choreographer. He sure does it all, including an […]

Tips For Young Dancers

As young dancers grow into seasoned pros, they learn a lot of valuable lessons on the way. There is nothing that can replace years of hard-earned experience. In the meantime, you can learn from the lessons of experienced dancers! Here are some tips from superstar dancers that you can use in your everyday life!   […]

Serena Williams

One of the most famous female athletes today is a tennis star who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Serena Williams, a No. 1 world ranked American professional tennis player is defying the odds and is this week’s #WomanOfInterest!   A Brief Tennis Career History Williams started playing tennis at the age of three […]

Lil Buck

Hippin’ and Hoppin’? Bippin’ and Boppin’? Well, our #DancerDose of the week, Charles Riley, also known as Lil Buck, is all about Jookin’ and Jivin’ his specialty street dance!   A Memphis Dancer A Chicago native, raised in Memphis, and currently based in Burbank, California, Lil Buck has been dancing since he was six years […]


Everyone struggles with confidence issues at some point in their life. Even some of the most incredible dancers out there don’t have a level of confidence that matches their incredible skills! An extra dose of confidence can give your performance an extra kick, but how do you get to that point if you have struggles […]

Shanna Vanderwerker

We always love to hear of our past competitors’ success. This week we are going to spotlight Broadway choreographer and performer, Shanna VanDerwerker.   Dancing Dreams At 15, Shanna VanDerwerker performed at StarQuest’s World Finals. When asked about her dance competition career, she said that“[Competing] makes you understand that you’re not perfect, that there’s always […]