Choosing a college is anything but easy. There are just so many out there to pick! And if you plan to study dance, the process can be even harder than that of the average college shopper. Auditioning for schools is a daunting process. You have to put yourself out there for so many people, and […]

Woman of Interest

Girls everywhere have grown up with an unrealistic beauty standard. They are told they have to look a certain way, act a certain way, and eat certain foods so that they can be considered beautiful. Magazines, Barbie dolls, and clothing companies have helped feed the fire by only featuring models who fit those “ideal beauty” […]

This week’s #DanceCharityOfTheWeek focuses on dance education. We enjoy this art form not only because of the freedom and joy it gives to us. But because it has helped create lasting friendships and introduce us to inspiring people. All that we know about dance comes from a teacher who loves dance so much that they […]

Alex Wong

Dancing powerhouse Alex Wong is no stranger to falling and getting back up again. Although he’s suffered two potentially career-ending injuries, he’s never let his hurdles keep him from doing what he loves. This #DancerDose dancer has explored all sides of the dance world. From being a principle dancer in dance companies, competing on television, […]

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As a dancer, the opportunity to choreograph and perform your own solo is an exciting chance to flex your creative muscles. How often do you get the chance to show something that’s entirely your own creation? Maybe you’re working on a piece to perform live, for a video audition, or simply to post on your […]

This week’s #DanceCharityOfTheWeek was founded in 1982 by highly respected community activists, students, choreographers, and teachers who wanted to focus on the visibility and viability of dance in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Together, they formed what is now known as Dancers’ Group.   Dancers’ Group is an artist-run, artist-centered organization designed to “promote the […]

While current high school seniors are getting ready to leave for their new homes, the rising seniors are already freaking out about auditions and applications. We know that going to most Conservatories, Colleges, or Universities can be an expensive investment, so it’s always nice to have a couple scholarships up your sleeve. Iowa dancers, this […]

Woman of Interest

Dancer, choreographer, artistic director and activist Karole Armitage, this week’s #WomenOfInterest, is no stranger to taking risks. Dubbed the ‘Punk Ballerina,’ Armitage is widely known for her bold, unconventional contemporary dance works. Which incorporate unique combinations of dance, music, science and art meant to invoke thought and start a conversation.   Background Professionally trained in […]

Thiago Soares

For this week’s #DancerDose, things happened fast. One day he was in a group of street dancers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil dancing hip-hop. And the next he was in London as a majorly successful ballet dancer. Thiago Soares wasn’t always as in love with ballet as he is today, but he found that he […]

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It’s no secret that people everywhere, of all different walks of life and cultures, love to dance. Whether it be to express emotion, to celebrate, or for ritual purposes, the art of dance is not limited to one place: it is everywhere. Let’s explore dance around the world. The Samba of Brazil Hop on a […]