It’s that exact moment right before the curtain is drawn. How can you ensure you are in the very best mindset before sashaying out onto that stage? Find out some simple techniques from the professionals to center your mind before finding your spotlight.   Finding Your Energy It’s no secret that before you get on […]

Lea Thompson has made a name for herself through her work as an actress, director, and producer. Before gaining her shot at the spotlight, Thompson was a widely successful ballerina! Her dedication to the arts community has led her to not only influence others to go after their dreams, but also led her to raise […]

One dance genre that is mesmerizing to any audience is belly-dancing. Our #DancerDose this week has mastered this art. Amar Gamal is a world-renowned belly dancer and proud Cuban immigrant with an inspiring story to tell.   Childhood in Miami Gamal was born in Havana, Cuba, and soon immigrated to the US as a child. […]

You may have heard of the Twist or the Moonwalk, but there’s many more dance fads that have rocked the past. Hop in our dancing Delorean, take a trip back to the past with us, and check out some of the dance crazes of the past 100 years that you’ve probably never heard of. And […]

Often described as ‘sensational,’ ‘flamboyant,’ and ‘eccentric,’ Josephine Baker was a cabaret and vaudeville performer, an actress, a singer, an activist, and a businesswoman. Known for her energetic, effervescent dance style and her infamous skirt made of bananas, Josephine Baker came to symbolize freedom and liberation that would help blaze a trail for many in […]

It’s impressive when a dancer makes a strong career for themselves. Well, our #DancerDose of the week started his career at just eleven years old! Check out the inspirational story of star dancer and choreographer, Brian Friedman.   A Studio Owner By Sixteen Brian is originally from the Chicago area and grew up in a […]

Auditions—something every dancer must face. Want to know how to alleviate nerves, and ace your next audition? Check out this quick audition guide to the most effective ways to prepare for any and all future auditions you may face.   Doing The Research Before going into your audition, it is important to research the company […]

Judith Jamison was a prominent figure in the American modern dance movement who spent most of her career directing the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.   Early Life Jamison was born on May 10, 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began seeking an interest in dance from a very young age. She started taking lessons at […]

#DancerDose – Jon Rua

August 2nd, 2020 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

“ARE YA READY KIDS?!?!” Our #DancerDose of the week, Jon Rua, CAN’T HEAR YOU from all the way in Bikini Bottom. This Broadway dancer has a career that would knock the square pants off of Spongebob any day!   Who is Jon Rua? An Actor. Singer. Dancer. Choreographer. He sure does it all, including an […]

What’s one thing that’s as important (or possibly more?) as stretching and staying warm in a dance class? HYDRATION. That’s right. In this week’s blog we’re going to share with you a carefully selected list of cool water bottles, gadgets, and apps that will help remind you to #drinkwater and #stayhydrated!   1. Hidrate Spark […]