Temperature Therapy For A Speedy Recovery

April 12th, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Temperature Therapy

Temperature TherapyStruggling with post-practice aches and pains? Here are 4 new temperature techniques that have been proven to enhance recovery time and overall physical well-being for dancers.


1. Full-Body Cryotherapy

CryotherapyThis technique can be useful for those who have used ice baths as a way of reducing stress on the muscles and alleviating pain. According to physicians, soreness prevention takes priority in terms of recovery tactics. Studies completed on rats have proved that full-body cryotherapy can show improvements in the anti-inflammatory response therefore speeding up the healing process. If a dancer has worked their body to exhaustion, the two to four minutes in a cooling chamber that reaches -200 degrees is a promising resort that will be sure to boost recovery time and eradicate pain.


2. Ice Compression

Ice CompressionIf you’ve been relying on an ice-pack to reduce swelling and pain following a performance injury, it is time to take this form of recovery to the next level. Ice compression involves a strap on device that combines cold therapy with compression to speed up the standard RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method. This form of therapy has been seriously successful in treating patients who have recently completed an operation on muscles or tissue. This method can also be beneficial for those with smaller injuries like a sprained ankle or contusion. When it comes to managing pain, this method is both effective and efficient.


3. Sweltering Sauna

SaunaFor those who dislike the chillier forms of therapy, an infrared sauna may be the technique for you! Though a regular sauna can be beneficial to increase circulation and flush toxins from your body, an infrared sauna has the power to complete the same tasks at lower temperatures with less discomfort. The act of increasing circulation can help dancers as it removes waste products caused by the muscle repair process. This technique will work best for dancers who are injured or unable to complete a full-body workout to get the blood pumping and slowly and surely speed up recovery. For those outside of the dance world, a sauna can be beneficial to boost relaxation and reduce joint and muscle stiffness.


4. Trembling Therapy

Heat With VibrationFor dancers looking to enhance athletic performance and boost their overall mood, heat with vibration therapy will get your body quivering quickly back into healthy shape! Most of these vibrating techniques are used in platforms like saunas mentioned above. But some tinier products are focused on the lower back and feet. These therapeutic maneuvers are utilized to increase blood flow which ultimately helps muscles heal at a faster rate than usual. Similarly, if this technique was to be used prior to a dance performance, there would be a less-likely chance of a dancer experiencing pain. Vibration therapy that has been used before resistance training has been linked to a decreased perception of muscle-pain following exertion. For those looking for a quick fix or even a form of prevention for muscle soreness, combining heat with vibration may be the best and fastest choice!


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