Why We’re Grateful This Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2016 by Roy Patterson

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In this time of gratitude and abundance, your StarQuest Event Concierge Team, who will be registering all of your entries throughout the season, wanted to share some of the reasons they are grateful for you StarQuestians!

starquest dance competitionI’m thankful for dance parents AKA make up artists, set builders, stylists, taxicabs, fund raisers, stage hands, and SO much more. The competition season wouldn’t be possible without all of your hard work, dedication, and support! Thank you for all that you do! – Phylicia


I am grateful for the studio moms and dads who make it possible for the students to do what they love, while the studio directors and teachers teach how to do what they love. I am grateful for this because when I was a part of the competition scene as a kid, my parents relied on my teachers to help teach me to do what I love. – Sam


I’m thankful for dance parents who encourage and support their dancers, because it’s so important as a dancer to have a solid support system. My mom was there for me through all the performances, wins, losses, tears, and joy. It made me a stronger dancer to have her by my side, cheering me on! – Kensey

I’m grateful for my StarQuest family! It’s a pleasure to work with such a diverse group of creative spirits in producing an 28835990222_e605c3b928_katmosphere for our Studio Owners and Dancers! Seeing the fruits of everyone’s labor come together for the ultimate experience is priceless!
– Leesa


I’m grateful for the studio owners, who become like second parents, and their studios, which feel like home away from home. There was no one I trusted more to take care of me and look out for my health and well-being (aside from my parents of course) like my dance teachers would! – Christina


Happy Thanksgiving StarQuestians! What are you grateful for this year?

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