Train Like a Broadway Star

August 10th, 2018 by Richie Kormos

Train Like A Broadway Star

Train Like A Broadway StarAfter reading David Sheward’s article “What It Takes to Train a Broadway Star”, there is a lot of a dancer can take away to prepare for Broadway auditions. Here is what we found to be the MOST important for you to have your name in lights in Time Square:


Work on your unique skills!

Are you a good tumbler? Can you walk on stilts, juggle or play an instrument? Besides from being a good dancer, casting directors are looking for well-rounded performers. Maybe even someone with special talents!


Be charismatic!

Train Like A Broadway StarSometimes casting directors see star potential in people who maybe aren’t the strongest dancers, singers or actors. Be open to coaching and extra rehearsing to bring your skills up so you can be on the big stage!


Fine Tune!

Broadway performers see vocal coaches and take exercise classes BEFORE they even get to the theatre to rehearse. Yoga has become an extra way that dancers get their body stretched out as well as help breathing. Get your chops and body into shape to make sure that you are the best performer you can be!


Train Like A Broadway StarBe Ready to Constantly Learn!

No matter if you’re in the business for a day or 50 years, you’re going to keep learning with every show you do. Each choreographer has a different way they like to train, and each show features a different genre of dancing. You always have to be on your toes- literally!


Alyssa Denton is a writer for StarQuest. She loves Disney, iced lattes, and French Fries!