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February 1st, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Amanda LaCount

Amanda LaCountIf you attended the 2010 Denver StarQuest Competition, you’d have witnessed a bubbly petite dance taking the stage. Who knew that this passionate dancer would turn-out to be a Star “#breakingthesterotype” of dancers’ bodies! Amanda LaCount is only 17 but she is set to make waves in the dance industry.

A Star From The Start

Amanda started dancing just at the age of 2. She tells Amysmartgirls.com that she “would watch my two older sisters dance and perform. I wanted to be up on the stage with them.” Her dance teachers knew she was a force to be reckoned with. Jenni Leinweber, the artistic director of Loveland Dance Academy, told DanceSpirit that “At 8 or 9 years old, she could command the stage…I could show her a minute of choreography once, and she’d get it all. I could not believe how accurate her memory was”. Any dance teacher knows how special that is in a young dancer!

Young Amanda


However, her success met some criticism as well. Amanda left LDA, wanting to be challenged even more, and spent a year at a prestigious competition school. After the year, the studio director invited Amanda and her mom into a meeting where he said that her “body type didn’t fit his vision.” This heartbreaking moment made Amanda realize that she is different, and therefore she will have to fight.


L.A. Bound

In 2013, Amanda started dancing with the kids dance crew, Latin Flavah, in L.A. Every weekend, her mom would drive Amanda from Coloroda to L.A. so she could perform with these amazing dancers. However, the drive was exhausting. Amanda knew that if she wanted to be a professional dancer, she would need to move to L.A. In January 2015, she made the jump and landed in Hollywood.



She did not slow down as she arrived in the City of Angles. Amanda attended the Champs Charter High School of the Arts, while also taking classes at Millenium Dance Complex, IDA Hollywood, EDGE Performing Arts Center, and Playground LA. She also signed a contract with Bloc Talent Agency and auditioned frequently.

After six months of hard work, Amanda landed her first gig: A J.C. Penney commercial. Amanda told DanceSpirit that “Getting that stamp of approval from someone in the industry gave me confidence. I realized there was nothing holding me back.”


Reaching For The Stars

Amanda Cover


Since her first commercial, Amanda has not slowed down. She performed on “The Voice,” “Dancing With The Stars,” “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” and the Radio Disney Music Awards. Katy Perry chose Amanda from an Instagram dance contest to be featured in her “Swish Swish” music video. She can be seen all over social media as well. You can even find her as a Team Capezio brand ambassador. The industry is noticing her curvy personality, and LOVING IT! Brian Friedman told DanceSpirit that “Amanda wears her curves with pride, and I love that, but she’s also an incredibly dynamic dancer who can do anything that’s asked of her.” Most recently, you can see her on the cover of the November 2018 issue of Dance Spirit!



As Amanda continues to perform and study full-time at Los Angeles Valley College, she is determined to fight the prejudices of a dancer’s body. Amanda told DanceSpirit that “I want to show people you don’t have to look a certain way to be a good dancer and be successful.” To inspire others, she uses the hashtag “breakingthesterotype . She continues to post dance videos and reach out to those being inspired by her performances to prove that “every body can dance!” Check out her inspiration on her Instagram @amandalacount!


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