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October 12th, 2018 by Richie Kormos

Gaby Diaz

Gaby DiazYou may remember #DancerDose: Gaby Diaz- From StarQuest to Beyond. Now we really want to take a moment and spotlight our past dancer, Gaby, and her success that has come after leaving the StarQuest stage. Let’s see has led Gaby to her success!


Competition Baby

Gaby DiazWhen Gaby Diaz was younger, she studied at Roxy Theatre Group and at Miami’s New World School of the Arts. She studied all different types of dance at her companies, mostly ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and tap! In 2013, she was named Miss StarQuest at the Ft. Lauderdale competition with a dance to “Tired”, and “Poison & Wine”. The title of Miss StarQuest was only the first of many for Gaby.


So You Think You Can Dance

Shaping SoundAfter leaving StarQuest, Gaby auditioned to be part of an even bigger competition: So You Think You Can Dance! After a handful of auditions, it took till she auditioned in Detroit to win that golden ticket she needed to get on the twelfth season of show.

Thanks to Gaby’s hip-hop routine to “I’m Really Hot”, Gaby was able to win the top score during her time at SYTYCD. She even made a name for herself as the first tapper to win the show. After her success on SYTYCD, Gaby went on tour with the show, as well as the Shaping Sound tour. She then became a mentor on SYTYCD: The Next Generation, and SYTYCD Season 14.


Her Advice

Gaby DiazBefore Season 14, Gaby worked with the Hubbard Street company in Chicago, IL. Her advice to all future dancers is to “stay in class, no matter how old or mature you are as a dancer. You are never too good to take class. The second you stop taking class and tuning your instrument, it’s going to get boring. You have to keep refreshing what you can offer. There’s a lot going in the dance world, don’t get stuck.”

Gaby has used her success to her advantage and started to dance professionally. So much is required to dance professionally. But for all of the little boys and girls who want to continue dancing, it’s important to fine tune the skills that you have to allow you to become the best dancer you can be. Gaby, along with all of the other dancers that have come across the StarQuest stage, are inspirations to all other dancers out there. We can’t wait to see what else Gaby does with her career as well as what else our StarQuest dancers will do in the world.



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