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April 3rd, 2019 by Elizabeth Radabaugh

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerOur #WomanOfInterest has taken Hollywood by storm. Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to hard work, but did you know she started as a dancer?  Her dance background helped launch her career as a star.


A Large Family Full Of Love

In Nelsonville, Ohio, on March 25, 1965, Sarah Jessica Parker came into this world. Sarah was surrounded by family as she was one of 8 children (3 full siblings and 4 half siblings). It wasn’t easy for her nursery school teacher and truck driver step-father to support this large family. The electricity would sometimes be shut off and they would skip Christmases. However, Sarah says they always had what they needed. Her mother made sure to educate the kids in plenty of activities, so they lived “full, rich lives.” She would take the kids to free public institutions like the ballet and the theatre in Cincinnati.

Sarah Jessica Parker Little Match GirlSarah immediately loved the arts and started to practice her singing and ballet. It wasn’t long before she made headway in her career. At 8 years old, she was cast in her first movie, The Little Match Girl. After this performance, she landed a part in the Broadway revival of William Arhibald’s The Innocents, alongside her brother Toby. This sparked her family’s decision to move to New York and encourage her career.


New York Adventures

Once her family landed in New York, Sarah pushed full-speed ahead into her acting and dance career. She attended the Professional Children’s School and the American Ballet Theatre School to advance her talent. She and four of her siblings then landed parts in a tour of The Sound Of Music. After her short stint on the road, Sarah found herself back on Broadway as the lead in Annie in 1979.

Sarah Jessica Parker Square PegsSarah continued to be a high-school both in real life and on TV. In 1982, she landed a part in the made-for-TV movie, My Body, My Child. After this tv movie, she landed a lead role in Square Pegs, a high-school sitcom. Once Sarah graduated from high-school in her real life, she knew she was ready to pursue her acting career full-time.


Landing Roles Left And Right

Sarah had no problem landing jobs on the big screen. She played Rusty in the hit-movie “Footloose” and Janey in “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” She continued to work hard, winning jobs on multiple made-for-tv movies and tv series for the next few years. In 1987, she landed another lead role as “Kay Ericson Gardner” in the tv series A Year In The Life.

Sarah Jessica Parker LA StoryOnce the 90’s hit, Sarah was well on her way to making a name for herself in all aspects of the industry. She played “SanDeE” in L.A. Story alongside Steve Martin and “Betsy” in Honeymoon In Vegas alongside Nicholas Cage. She landed the Disney fans with her portrayal of “Sarah” in Hocus Pocus. While killing the Hollywood Game, she was also killing the Broadway game. She performed in the Off-Broadway production of Sylvia, the Tony award-nominated production of Once Upon A Mattress, and the Broadway production of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.


The City Called Her Home

Sarah Jessica Parker Golden GlobesIn 1997, Sarah received the script for a new tv series called Sex And The City based on a Candace Bushnell novel. Initially, Sarah did not feel comfortable with the show. She did not want to do any on-screen nudity and hates swear words. However, she ultimately agreed, just making sure to add a strict no-nudity clause to her contract. It’s a good thing she did! Her role as the fashion icon Carrie shot Sarah to the stars! She went on to play this role for 7 years.

During this time, she became a Vogue cover girl and won four Golden Globes, three Screen Actors Guild awards, and an Emmy. She brought a lot of attention to certain women’s issues while playing this role. She became an icon herself and inspired many young women to reach for their own dreams. This show was such a fan favorite, it went on to create two follow-up movies.


From The City And Beyond

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYCSarah has not slowed down since Sex And The City. She has premiered on plenty of other movies including Failure To Launch, The Family Stone, New Year’s Eve, and Escape from Planet Earth. Currently, she is on the popular tv show Divorce as the role of Frances. She is also a celebrity ambassador for Unicef and a member of Hollywood’s Women’s Political Committee. Sarah owns three fragrances  called “Lovely”, “Covet”, and “SJP NYC”. She started a fashion line called “Bitten” in 2007. Sarah has definitely achieved her dreams and isn’t stopping any time soon. She’s an inspiration for all young women to keep fighting and pushing forward!


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