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2017 World Finals - Starquest
2017 World Finals - Starquest
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2017 World Finals - Starquest
2017 World Finals - Starquest

2017 Dance Competition Schedule

StarQuest Dance News

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By StarQuest’s resident behavioral specialist, Dr. Marcie Beigel. There is no way to do it on your own. Not as a parent and certainly not as a dancer.  If working on teams is essential and inevitable, then what is the secret to a good team? The answer is simple: the behavior of the participants! While you […]

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For this month’s StarQuestian Spotlight, I chose to highlight the School of Dreams Academy Dance Team from Los Lunas, New Mexico. Operating as an extra-curricular program at School of Dreams Academy, the S.O.D.A. dancers are their school’s primary competitive sport and competed at StarQuest Albuquerque for the first time this February. The S.O.D.A charter school operates under […]

starquest, starquest dance, starquest dance competition, dance competition, dance comp

Between last minute rehearsals, packing for comp day, and the excitement of making new friends (and reconnecting with old ones, too) – dance competition weekends can be exhausting! For this month’s Judges’ Corner – we asked two of our StarQuest judges for some tips on how to stay energized all competition weekend long! What are your […]

starquest, starquest dance competition, starquest dance, dance comp, dance competition

  By dance career coach Catherine Mancuso. The odds are that you have or will sustain an injury over your lifetime as a dancer, but did you realize that most injuries are caused by fatigue and burnout? Many of us are experiencing low grade inflammation throughout our bodies on a daily basis which causes our bodies […]

starquest, starquestdance, starquest dance, starquest dance competition, dance competition, dance comp

By StarQuest’s resident behavioral therapist, Dr. Marcie Biegel. It’s the day of the competition. Your dancer practiced hard and is ready to give it their all on stage. Their costume is perfect, their hair is set, and the team is ready to rock! Then just a few hours before go time your small dancer comes to […]

StarQuest Performing Arts Competition

For this month’s StarQuestian Spotlight series, I choose to highlight the Chicago Contemporary Dance Theatre. Established in 1998, Chi-CDT promotes dance arts stemming from a historically black lens. February is Black History Month, and Chi-CDT’s educational philosophy continues to highlight the achievements of African-American dancers while inspiring the next generation. I had the opportunity to […]

StarQuest, StarQuest Dance Competition, dance competition, dance competition

Dance competition judges have the rewarding but challenging job of critiquing dancers’ routines in a way that helps you grow from the competition experience. But how do your judges’ on competition day make sure their critiques are presented in a way that encourages dancers? We sat down with a few of our 2017 StarQuest judges to find out! […]

StarQuest Performing Arts Competition

The 24th StarQuest competition season kicks off this week! Whether this is your first competition or 40th, preparing for the big day can sometimes feel overwhelming. Check out these eight great articles to help set yourself up for success on dance competition day! Is winning the only thing on your mind? Check out 3 Tips for […]

StarQuest Dance Competition

  Written by our 2017 online registration partner Tutu Tix.  Dance is about progress. Progressing from one move to the next, achieving a new technique, dancing a new piece. The best dancers feel the flow of their personal progress and put in the hours to make sure that progress takes them to new heights.  And the […]

Dancer performs leap at StarQuest Dance Competition.

  For our next installment in the StarQuestian Spotlight series, I choose to highlight Jennifer from Connie’s School of Performing Arts in Louisville, KY. Jennifer is 11 years old, a 4.0 GPA sixth grade student in the Advanced Math, Science and Technology Magnet Program at Farnsley Middle School. Earlier this year, she was selected to represent the state […]