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Our goal is to create the best experience possible, not only for our guests, but also for our staff

It’s the most fun working you will ever have!

Welcome to the 31st season of StarQuest Dance Competition! It is not by accident that StarQuest has consistently raised the standards and quality of dance competitions year after year to become an undisputed leader in the dance industry.

Our innovative approach to operational & organizational methods is unique to dance competitions. Our success in applying those methods may only be achieved through the efforts of a committed, well-trained, fun, and organized team.

It is our dedication to our process that allows StarQuest to provide an experience for dancers, directors, and families that is the real award.

StarQuest and its staff have a reputation of always being positive and professional, while having a ton of fun. We strive to be the competition with fair, honest professionals who are the friendliest in the business.

We are at our best when the audience never sees the hard work that it takes. Join one of our teams today!

Touring Road Warriors

The Road Crew! – The absolute front line of StarQuest and smiling faces to our performers, directors, and families. The hours are grueling, but the traveling and experiences are truly amazing! Do you have what it takes to deliver a one of a kind experience while on tour?  If so, click here to find to our road warrior job descriptions!

Touring Judges

Our Judges! Are you an expert in all genres of dance? Are you super familiar with the dance competition industry? Are you an excellent communicator with knowledge in both technique and performance of dance? If so, find out more about becoming a judge, click to send an email to receive a link and password to our Judges job description and audition website.

2024 Season Schedule (2024 Cities & Tour Dates!)

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