Join Our Road Warrior Family

We are currently hiring Road Warriors for the 2024 Season!

Please click on a position below to find out more and apply!

  • Judges Manager
  • Photographer / Camera Operator
  • Emcee 
  • Stage Manager 
  • Sound Operator / Offstage Announcer
  • Awards / Company Manager
  • Merchandise & Social Media Associate
  • General Information

    The 2024 Regional Season runs from January 18th through June 3rd. We do not have shows on the weekend of March 29th – 31st (Easter Weekend), so you will have this weekend off. All other weeks through June 3rd you will typically be traveling to a city on Thursday and returning home on Monday. A separate contract for a limited group of outstanding Road Warriors will be extended to attend our World Finals in June/July 2024.

    To gain a deeper understanding of the behaviors and qualities that StarQuest expects from you, PLEASE read the job descriptions thoroughly and read the required documents in the top right sidebar of this page (This sidebar is only available on a computer; it will not be seen on a mobile device).

    PLEASE NOTE: StarQuest will only interview prospective Road Warriors who have read ALL of these pages and truly have an understanding of what it will be like on the road. We will conduct pre-interviews prior to a virtual or in-person interview. StarQuest will conduct a background check prior to work beginning for all contractors.

    We prefer if you reside in or around one of the below locations throughout the season. We are open to other locations, provided you are near a major airport. If you choose to relocate to be a Road Warrior, StarQuest will not provide any relocation assistance.

    New York, NY – Raleigh, NC – Atlanta, GA – Dallas/Houston, TX – Orlando, FL

    If we think you are a good candidate for our team, a StarQuest representative will contact you to set up an interview. Interviews are scheduled by appointment only! We look forward to hearing from you!!

    First year pay rates average $600-1000 per event. Full pay rates will be sent for review upon application, prior to any interviews.