Isadora Duncan

The proclaimed mother of modern dance, Isadora Duncan, defined herself as a revolutionary as her influence in the dance community held a global impact. Her style of dance broke the barriers of ballet. She created and championed free-spirited movements that physically embodied beauty, philosophy, and humanity. With the ideals of self-expression that soared beyond social […]

Benji Schwimmer

Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, and Activist are just a few titles this week’s #DancerDose holds. So You Think You Can Dance Season Two Champion, Benji Schwimmer, has been showcasing his talents in the spotlight since 2006! The 9-Time Open Showcase Swing Champion made a name for himself while also drawing attention to serious issues in the dance […]

Avoid Injury

Dance requires an extreme amount of strength, endurance, flexibility, and conditioning. With all of these aspects comes a high risk of injury. Here are some common dance injuries and tips to prevent them to ensure safety and satisfaction!   Injuries Studies have shown that overuse injuries are most common in dancers, due to putting too […]

Ashley Chiu

Let’s rewind back to San Jose, CA, StarQuest 2008 competition. Taking the stage and placing in the Top 10 for Top Junior Soloist was young Ashley Chiu, dancing Kitri’s Variation From Don Quixote. Little did the judges, her fellow competitors, or Ashley herself knew, that eventually Ashley would be on a Broadway National Tour.   […]

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev has been making titles for herself since she starred in the Canadian-drama Degrassi. Her prominence on the teen television series along with the big screen has led her to super-star status. Before she turned heads on television, Dobrev turned heads as a dancer! Making the transition from dancing to acting at a young […]

Jenna Dewan

Famously known for her starring role in Step Up, Jenna Dewan has been moving her way up the Hollywood path one dance at a time. Dewan went from a small-town dancer with a dream to a full-fledged superstar.   Growing Up Born on December 3, 1980, Dewan grew up in Hartford, Connecticut with her mother […]

Avoiding Conflict During Competitions

During competition season, tensions begin to run high and conflict may seem unavoidable. When being judged against other teams or dancers, it is important to not allow your emotions to get the best of you! The best way to avoid conflict is to prepare and prevent prior to an argument. Here are some tips all […]

Kiernan Shipka

Labeled as one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014,” this week’s #WomanOfInterest has been on television for most of her life. 19-year-old Kiernan Shipka stars on smash hits like Mad Men and Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Before claiming her fame as a young television star, Shipka was a classically trained ballroom dancer […]

The Nicholas Brothers

These two are the most virtuosic dance display of all time! Known as the stars of the jazz circuit during the Harlem Renaissance, Fayard & Harold Nicholas (The Nicholas Brothers) were a team of dancing siblings who performed in the acrobatic style of “flash dancing”. The brothers are considered to be the greatest tap dancers […]

Iconic Dance Moves

Whether you’re at a party getting ready to bust a move or hitting the stage for a classic performance, there are some iconic moves that everyone must attempt once! These legendary moves have made a global and generational impact, leaving everyone wanting more and continuing to dance! Here’s a look at 8 iconic dance moves […]