One 2019 Regionals performance was chosen to represent each state of the United States in the StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. 2019 Competition! Each week, three states will compete against each other on Facebook and Instagram to be StarQuest’s Viral Video U.S. 2019 Week Winner. In November, all of the Viral Video U.S. Week Winners will […]

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Jasmine Guy

You may recognize her as Whitley Gilbert from the hit show A Different World, but this week’s #WomanOfInterest is far more than just an actress. Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Jasmine Guy can do just about anything when it comes to working in the entertainment industry. She is an […]

Corey Baker

Meet Corey Baker: an award-winning New Zealand dancer, choreographer, director and this week’s #DancerDose. A classically trained contemporary dancer, Baker is most known for his works involving the outdoors. Early Life and Career Growing up in Christchurch, NZ, Baker discovered his love of the performing arts after stumbling upon a free show performed by a […]

It's Not Too Late To Dance

Many people discover their passions later in life. With that discovery comes the question: is it too late to pursue my passion? When it comes to dance, many people have been dancing since they were practically infants. Does that mean that everyone has to start at the same age to be at the same level? […]

Natalie Portman

Dancing has the ability to open doors for you and take you places you never dreamed of. This week’s #WomanOfInterest is no stranger to the dance world or the places it can lead you. Natalie Portman might be a successful actress, but that’s not all that she does. She is a wife, a mother, daughter, […]

Ashley Murphy

This week’s #DancerDose proves that it is never too late for a new start. Ashley Murphy has dedicated her whole life to dance and refuses to give up now. She continues to be a beacon of light whether it’s on stage or in the dance studio teaching the next generation. Nurturing A Gift Since Ashley […]

One of the coolest things about dance is that there are so many different styles. It’s amazing to have a dance style that you’re comfortable with, but what if you expanded your boundaries? My advice to any dancer is to try out every style you possibly can- it’s important to find all the dance styles that […]

Frankie Soldevere

For this week’s #WhereAreTheyNow, check out the inspirational work of former StarQuest dancer Frankie Soldevere! A tap dancer and choreographer around NYC, Soldevere, she has just come back to the StarQuest team as a judge in 2018! Early Life Beginning her dance career at the ripe age of just three years old, Soldevere started her […]

Tina Ramirez

This week’s #WomanofInterest is a dancer and dance teacher for the ages. To put it simply, Tina Ramirez is not your average dance teacher. She left her own promising dance career to live for her students and pass down the traditions of Spanish dance. Tina had a specific goal when she started teaching: to spread […]

Desmond Richardson

This week’s #DancerDose is no stranger to the dance world. He has been hailed as one of the greatest dancers of his time by The New York Times. He has been described in the Ballet Magazine website as “A Moving Sculpture, body that is art, passing through time and space with power and grace.” And […]

10 Dances Around The World

It’s no secret that people everywhere, of all different walks of life and cultures, love to dance. Whether it be to express emotion, to celebrate, or for ritual purposes, the art of dance is not limited to one place: it is everywhere. Let’s explore dance around the world. The Samba of Brazil Hop on a […]