One dance is chosen at each StarQuest Regional 2019 Event as the Viral Video of the Event! All of the nominees from each weekend will compete against each other on Facebook and Instagram to be Viral Video of the Week. At the end of the season, the Viral Video of the Week winners will […]

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Peta Murgatroyd

This two-time Dancing With The Stars champion showcased her strengths on the dance floor way before winning a mirror ball trophy. With a background on Broadway and appearances on multiple dance tours, Peta Murgatroyd made a name for herself and established her long-standing credibility as a pristine Latin ballroom dancer.   A Knack For Performance Born […]

Dance Podcasts

Whether you’re looking to gain more insight into dance history, learn more about a certain style, or just looking for something to pass the time, these dance podcasts will be perfect for you! Here are 8 dance podcasts that you can stream now.   1. Ballet & Dance Podcast This dance magazine translates their written […]

Kelly Bishop

You may recognize her as the sassy and regal Emily Gilmore in The Gilmore Girls. However, Kelly Bishop’s career thrived on her dance background. This week’s #WomanOfInterest’s career is full of dance, talent, and excitement!   Early Life Kelly Bishop was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1944, but grew up in Denver, Colorado. She […]

Ashlee Fuss

Many dancers that perform on our Stage dream of being on T.V. Well, Ashlee Füss took that dream and made it a reality!   Growing Up A Dancer Ashlee Füss (pronounced Fooss)was born on September 6, 1994 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She started to dance almost immediately. She even won 3rd Overall in Jazz at the […]

Greg Chapkis

Now known as one of the fastest growing names in the dance community, Greg Chapkis has worked his way to the top as a serious dance professional after making waves through the industry for years. Master choreographer and mind-blowing dancer, Greg Chapkis pushes the boundaries and the limits all while leaving his mark on the […]

Healthy Dance Diet

When it comes to dance or any athletic activity, a person’s health and well-being should be at the top of the priority list. After going through strenuous exercise, it is important that your body holds the nutrients necessary to keep your muscles strong and energy flowing through your veins. Here are some tips and tricks […]

Mallika Sarabhai

Dancer. Choreographer. Actress. Writer. Social activist. Mallika Sarabhai does it all. Most known for her belief in the arts as a powerful vehicle for social change, this week’s #WomanOfInterest proves that anything is possible.   Early Years Mallika Sarabhai was born in India in 1953 to world-renowned physicist Vikram Sarabhai and prominent dancer/choreographer Mrinalini Sarabhai. She […]

Camilla Dallerup

This dancer uses her life experience from the dance floor to impact lives all over the world! Author, dancer, and life coach, Camilla Dallerup, has been turning heads and filling hearts on and off the floor for nearly 25 years!   Young Dancer Dallerup was born in Aalborg, Denmark on April 6th1974. Her mother encouraged […]

Dance Season

Whether you’re preparing for your first dance season or returning to your usual lessons, it never hurts to be extra ready for the new season. It’s important to be timely, organized, and have a positive mindset as you embark on the next chapter of your dance journey! To do so, here are 4 tips that […]

Diane Kruger

Our #WomanOfInterest is not only fluent in German, English, and French. She is also fluent in modelling, dancing, and acting! Diane Kruger has definitely proven herself as a force of nature all over the globe.   Ballet Passion On July 15, 1976, Diane came into the world in Algermissen, West Germany. From a very young […]