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How do you feel when you watch someone dance, or when you yourself dance? Happy? Sad? Angry? And why, when watching a dance performance in a room full of complete strangers, are we able to lose ourselves within the movements, feeling more connected to those around us and on stage than to the outside world? […]

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How can dancing lead to your success in a new career outside the performance world? Here’s some insider tips on what skills dancing can provide for those seeking a career outside of dance.   Auditioning and Sales Auditioning holds the ability to sharpen many of the skills found necessary in a sales position. Not only do […]

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What we wear while we perform has changed so much in the history of dance. Let’s take a look at how the fashion has changed through the ages!   1800s: The Century of the Waltz During the 19th century, dancers were “required to wear corseted outfits with long tutu skirts and point shoes”. This conservative […]


Want to further your career as a dancer? Check out this week’s #ScholarshipOfTheWeek: The Doris Duke Performing Arts Award!   How it Works Started in 2011 by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF), in partnership with Creative Capital, this award intends to support and celebrate “exemplary individual artists in contemporary dance, jazz, theater,” and other […]

Chelsie Hill

Get ready for a #WomanofInterest who’s nothing short of inspirational. She was able to make the best of a situation that changed her life as a dancer forever.   Chelsie Hill thought her dancing dreams would be over when she was in a car accident. She became a T-10 Paraplegic at the age of seventeen. […]

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There are many underprivileged children all over the world, and our #DanceCharityOftheWeek this week is dedicated to helping these children. Live. Love. Dance. is a non-profit organization that utilizes the powers of music and dance to change the lives of young kids worldwide.   Live. Love. Dance Live. Love. Dance. in the past has visited […]

Yuan Yuan Tan

This week’s #DancerDose is focused on Chinese ballerina and fashion icon, Yuan Yuan Tan. Coined the “Greatest Chinese Ballerina of All Time” and a “National Treasure”, the achievements of Tan are some we should all strive for.   Born in Ballet Shoes Born in Shanghai, China, Yuan Yuan Tan first learned to dance in pre-school. […]

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These days, many people are expected to keep up a busy schedule with many different hobbies. There’s nothing wrong with having a variety of interests. But it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. How can you fit in time to go to dance rehearsal, swimming practice, debate club, and still have […]

This month, we wanted to highlight a #ScholarshipOfTheWeek that helps those in the LGBTQ+ community. We all know that college is expensive, especially many dance and performing arts conservatories. Arts Out Loud wanted to help with their “Dream Out Loud” scholarship!   Arts Out Loud The Arts Out Loud organization focuses on empowering creative people […]